Things You Need To Know About Hair Straighteners Today

Do you want to straighten your hair and get new look?

The confusion starts when you looking for best one.There are different types of hair straighteners that you can use to straighten your hair but make sure that the one you choose will not damage or break your hair but will straighten it out quickly. There are various best hair straighteners in India in the market that are available at cost –effective prices and will not cause any harm to your hair.

Types of Hair Straighteners

Hair irons can be chosen depending on the different materials of which they are made. The plate material should be titanium, ceramic or tourmaline. The temperature setting should be below 360*, 360 -380* and 380 -410*. You should check if there is setting for heat or if there is just on and off button.

Thin hair will require low temperatures for straightening while thick frizzy hair will need temperatures that are higher. A wide plate is better, so you don’t have to go over the same hair again to straighten it as it will damage the hair. A heat protectant should always be used when ironing hair.

You should never go over the same slice of hair again as hair gets damaged. When you straighten hair you use heat so the hair dries up. To keep your hair healthy you need to moisturize it. To prevent split ends and hair fall straightening should be reserved for special occasions.

Give Yourself a New Look

Today you can see natural hair everywhere, so if you are going out for a special occasion straighten your hair and stand out in the crowd. To straighten your hair you will need the flat straightening iron. The best to suit all types of hair and budget is Cut Rounded up.

If you are a person who likes hair straightening at home in a jiffy, then GHD Platinum styler is the best. This straightener has a fixed temperature setting of 365* Fahrenheit which as per the company instructions is highest temperature hair can tolerate. Any temperature above this can damage your hair. The straightening power of this styler on processed hair is said to be quite good. Just clamp your hair between the two plates and slides it down and your hair is straight in minutes.

KREA- The Hair Straightening Brush

If you are looking for a saloon like finish to your hair then KREA is the brush that you should pick. This is the first ceramic straightener with infused gear of tourmaline for heating. It straightens hair in around 4 minutes. This is a brush which is as good as flat iron and gives your hair a shiny smooth look. You will not have to section your hair and clip it.

The head is made of double ion generator for steady heating making it the best tool for straightening. This styler is built from industry –grade tungsten, manganese and ceramic with LED display and temperature settings that can be controlled. The temperature settings range from 80 -220* Celsius which makesit suitable for all types of hair fine and thick. The scalp is protected from burns bythe tips of comb-tooth. It can be  replaced within one year.

So choose the best hair straightener and straighten your hair in a jiffy before you venture out for an occasion.

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