Best Skin Grooming Tips Can Help You Live to 100

Skin grooming involves keeping the face clean, healthy looking and attractive. At the young age, everyone has smooth and supple skin which is moist and free from wrinkles.

However, as one grows older and the surface is exposed to harsh environmental elements, the skin goes dry and tough. The moisture is lost. This is where one should start to learn how to take care of face skin naturally and taking care of the skin to slow down the process of aging.

Before making any skin care attempts, it is essential to know about the skin. Skin contains three layers. The innermost layer is subcutaneous tissue, which includes fat cells to insulate the body. The middle layer dermis contains connective tissues, and the outer most layer is epidermis.

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The outer most layer protects the inner layers from the outside pollution. The epidermis cells become thinner over time, and less collagen is produced.

So the skin sags and wrinkles forms. The radiation from the sunlight thin the epidermises even more and collagen breakdown even faster.

Skin Grooming Tips:

Good skin care requires a lot of effort. Applying too many products can irritate the skin. To get a fresh and young look for the skin, following tips will be helpful.


Cleaning face twice a day will give a new look and must be your daily skin care routine. Clean the face with a mild facial cleanser. The dead skin cells will be removed, and the skin glows.

Cleaning face in circular motion with the warm water prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and loose skin. If possible use faces scrubbers twice a week to remove excessive dead cells and to clog pores.

Dab with cotton clothes to dry the face. Do not rub the face with the towel; it will cause skin irritation.


Keeping skin hydrated will prevent oily skin, dullness, aging, and wrinkles. Moisturizers will make your skin younger looking and bright.

It is always a good idea to apply the moisturizer to one’s body, face and neck immediately after salon treatments like waxing, shaving, and bathing. This leaves the skin dehydrated.

Avoid Sun Exposure:

Using sunscreen lotions with a minimum SPF of 30 or higher is helpful.

Avoid Smoking:

Smoking decreases blood circulation. Smoking can lead to fine lines around the lips and other signs of premature aging.

Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet is beneficial in improving the elasticity of the skin.


Eat more vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. They have antioxidants which will help to maintain healthy skin.

Good Sleep:

Maintain seven to eight hours sleep. A good sleep will prevent aging, wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines.

Drinking Water:

Drinking water is essential to good skin care. Water helps the body function better. It also cleans the pores from the inside. It re-hydrates the skin, which supports the skin stay moist.

Avoid caffeinated drinks which dehydrate the skin. Drinking fruit juices and coconut water regularly keeps the skin hydrated.

Stress Management:

Feeling stressed all the time will increase skin problems. Take steps to relieve from stress, have enough sleep and do exercises and meditation to live stress-free.

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