dinosaur earrings

Reasons Why Dinosaur Jewelry Trends Is Getting More Popular NOW!!!

After the movie, Jurassic Park dinosaurs are making their way into fashion. There are dinosaur earrings with matching pendants and bracelets. Those who like computer games have one which is dinosaur themed. They can also be seen on jumpers and shirts.

dinosaur earrings

Today there is a wide range of dinosaur jewelry which is considered trendy. Designers would not have dinosaur jewelry in their showroom if the trend was not catching up. There are T-Rex dinosaur charms in zinc alloy which would go well with a casual evening outfit. It costs just 1.57 pounds with one pound for shipping. Order this charm and stand out among your friends. You can be trendy when you go out by having timeless jewelry that you can wear with your outfits and enhance your beauty.

Why Choose Dinosaur Jewelry?

Some people like to don non-traditional and rare jewelry with their outfits, Dinosaur bone, also known as gembone is one the materials used in jewelry. It is not material that is sought after in wedding bands but those who like to be unique use this. It comes in incredible colors and patterns that customer’s like. Gembone is a rare and unusual fossil that is used in jewelry. Many believe that these fossils can protect them against evil.

Dinosaur jewelry trends

The unusual patterns and colors in gembonesare  due to the minerals like chromium, chlorite, manganese and iron oxide that get into the cells during formation. These gembones can be traced back to the time when dinosaurs were present on the earth. The color of the dinosaur bone is due to the minerals that got in when the bone was fossilized making it beautiful and unique.

Why not include gold dinosaur necklace in your collection?

You can have the cutest dinosaur necklaces in your collection. There are different types of gold chains to go with it. If you like a fine chain of polished gold you can choose one of 15 – 18” but if you like a long chain there is one of 28 – 30”.  Those who like long box chains can pick up one that is 30 -33” or can opt for a choker chain that is 11 – 14”. There is also a beaded chain that is 15 -18” in length that you can add to your wardrobe.

These chains are ideal for people who like to stand out from their friends. Dinosaurs bones are known as World’s Greatest Treasure so add it to your collection. When you buy dinosaur jewelry there is also a Ring Care Page to help you to care for your jewelry.

Handmade Dinosaur Jewelry

If you want to give a special gift to a friend you can give a dinosaur bar necklace with layering charm. It will cost you around $26. This gift can be personalized with name and date. You can choose the chain in 935 Sterling silver or 14K Gold filled pendant with matching chain. There is another option of Rose filled gold pendant with matching chain.

If your friend is one who likes unique dinosaur jewelry to go with her wardrobe she will appreciate it immensely. You can also have personal engraving on the front or back. So choose dinosaur jewelry and have heads turning your way when you walk out

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