Permanent Cosmetic Makeup
Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup Pros and Cons Secrets Unraveled

How often do you run into someone in the gym or a store who has had a permanent makeup done, making you feel inadequate and intrigued at the same time? Do the find yourself pondering over the following questions frequently?

Is there a way around the usual routine of checking and rechecking makeup?

Is permanent makeup for everyone?

Why do some women choose it in the first place?

If it is useful, does it entail any side effects?

More importantly, would it be necessary at my age?

Well, irrespective of whether you’d like to get all of them answered at once, fact is that these are some very good and perfectly valid questions because it deals with something serious: Permanence.

What is Permanent Cosmetic Makeup?

Think of permanent makeup as just another piece of tattoo that stays with you for as long as you want it to. They look exactly like your stable eyebrow pencil, lipsticks or permanent blended lip liner.

However, as opposed to getting your arms/hands/back pierced, you would have ink or pigments injected into your skin through very small needles under a process called micro-pigmentation.

The procedure

This procedure takes anywhere between half an hour to a couple of hours and would require you to take a mild dose of anesthesia to numb the desired areas.

Permanent makeup pretty much does the same job as your conventional cosmetic product- To enhance and accentuate your natural skin type and camouflage the blemishes.

However, there is one major in that unlike the latter, the former cannot be washed off! This means that if you’ve got it done, you’ve got to learn to maintain it effectively like removing waterproof makeup.

Permanent makeup pros and cons


While micro-pigmentation does have its share of admirers and naysayers, its burgeoning popularity is a reality that is hard to deny.

Here are some compelling reasons why thousands of women are opting for lasting effects permanent cosmetics:

  • Convenience: Many women assert that permanent makeup helps them save time, money and energy, all at once. Achieving natural looking permanent eyebrows are no longer a distant dream.
  • Good for older individuals: This is a great option for ageing women who find it difficult to apply and maintain makeup due to their deteriorating vision or other health problems like arthritis.
  • Favorite among athletes: Athletes, sportspersons, and other physically active women are increasingly using permanent makeup because things like sweat, dust, running and exercising don’t impact their makeup.You can jog, run, swim or workout at your own convenience, without having to constantly worry about safeguarding your makeup.
  • Great restoration methods for injury/accident victims: Micro-pigmentation is also a wonderful boon for those who’ve lost their hair or have their skin damaged due to fire burns, accidents, or intensive medical treatments.This is because it can effectively conceal your skin variations using advanced techniques with minimal or no side effects.
  • Fights allergies: It is also a worthy alternative to traditional makeup kits which are known to cause allergy to some women.


Permanent makeup is serious stuff and must be done after calibrating upon the various pitfalls and risks such as:

  • Scars: Undergoing a procedure as complex as micro-pigmentation can make you predisposed to some scarring, especially if you’re vulnerable to wounds.
  • Hepatitis: Don’t panic yet; getting micro-pigmentation doesn’t imply that you’ll contract hepatitis. It merely means that using unsterile equipment can make you susceptible to infections which include hepatitis.
  • Granuloma formation: Your skin is incredibly sensitive. It perceives any equipment or needle coming into contact as a potential threat by developing tiny nodules around the particular area. These are called Ganulomas.
  • Allergies: Some ingredients in permanent makeup can cause allergic reactions in some individuals, although this is a rare phenomenon.

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