Nuxe Anti Fatigue Moisturizing Eye Cream : Dark Circle Fixes for Men

Wrinkles, dark circles and other not-so-welcome facial blemishes during the winter are a clear and present danger not just for women, but men too.

Unlike women who do spend a fair share of their time attending to their skin/hair, men are intrinsically far more nonchalant about this issue, which oftentimes works against them because they simply do not care enough to address their skin-care needs.

Compounding the situation is their time spent outdoors and an indiscreet lifestyle (not a generalization, but true for most men!) and the consequences are for all to see.

In a nutshell, men need to take as much care about their appearance, specifically skin-care, than women because their skin is more vulnerable to extraneous influences.

Also, the rigors of hectic modern lifestyle take its toll on your skin (and eyes) health as time goes by. Signs like wrinkles, fuzziness, and dark circles, under-eye swelling begin to manifest and before you know, you find yourself grappling with a potentially permanent predicament- ageing.

So is there a way to get around this situation? There sure is.

Nuxe eye cream is a multipurpose eye cream for men that have specifically developed to deal with common skin ailments and signs of ageing such as crackling, puffiness, and under-eye dark circles that threaten to engulf your entire being.

This caffeine-induced eye cream is becoming increasingly popular among hard working professionals who find it rather difficult to spend a lot of them to nurture their skin but are still keen to look bright and youthful.

It is exactly here that this eye cream steps in.

What does Nuxe cream address?

Nuxe eye cream forms part of a non-greasy hypoallergenic mechanism that can be safely used by people of all skin types- dry, oily, hard, smooth, flashy or a combination of all.

nuxe under eye cream

One of the major highlights about this product is that it is replete with restorative and nourishing pigments that render it effective for:

  • Dark circles
  • Paleness of the skin
  • Inflammation around the eye area
  • Wrinkles
  • Inconsistent skin tone
  • Bad texture

How is it supposed to work?

Nuxe eye cream contains caffeine which helps get rid of classic symptoms like swelling, paleness, roughness of the skin and puffiness while improving your skin texture.

It also features the perennially useful humectant- hyaluronic acid- that is intended to nourish and moisturize your skin in a gentle, holistic manner by binding water content to your inner skin cells.

Certain products such as Nuxe Prodigieuse Anti-Ageing Eye cream also contain chamomile, green tea and cornflower water.

This non-greasy eye cream is also replete with araucaria extract as well as vitamin E for wholesome protection against potential damage from the sun and weather.

Having said that, Nuxe eye cream is not a gel; this means that it sinks deeply into the skin which plays the role of a blotting paper and soaks in the moisture.


Most creams have a standard procedure for application in that they need to be applied in the morning and at night after facial cleansing. Nuxe eye cream is pretty much the same, but you may want to use a very small amount to begin with.

Instead of rubbing indirectly into the eye-zone, apply a tiny quantity just below it, an area which is also known as the orbital bone.

Since your skin would automatically spread the desired amount of cream into the cell, refrain from using thick loads and smearing on your face.

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