Natural Ways to Get Rid of Split Ends

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Split Ends

How do you repair split ends? If this question has bogged you down and you’ve been wondering just what to do with your hair full of split ends, don’t worry. There are many natural home remedies for splitting hair and what’s really fantastic is that you can resolve this problem at home–that is, without going to an expensive parlor!!

Get Rid of Split Ends
Get Rid of Split Ends

Here are a few very good ways of undergoing split ends hair treatment at home:

  • Dry your hair in the sun: Instead of using flat irons and curlers on your hair, dry your hair naturally.
  • Have your hair trimmed often: By trimming hair ends often, you can arrest any new split ends fast. It’s best to trim it every six to eight weeks.
  • Have a hair massage: Massage your hair with coconut oil or a mix of avocado and olive oil. After you shampoo your hair, apply this DIY hair mask on your hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Your hair will be so beautifully conditioned that all the split ends will disappear.
  • Rinse your hair with chamomile tea: Make a pot of chamomile tea and rinse your hair with it and let it stay for a few minutes. Since chamomile has calming properties, it helps repair split ends. Wash away the tea smell after a few minutes and condition your hair as usual.
  • Make shampoo at home: To make your hair healthy at home, you can make natural shampoo comprising honey and hot water. After your usual shampoo, pour this solution all over your hair and let it stand. Don’t wash it off. It will make your hair soft and will get rid of all your split ends. You can also dab the ends of your hair with jojoba oil and leave it on for 20 minutes.
  • Use a conditioner with care: You should opt for conditioner that adds protection to your hair. Some of the best products for split ends treatment are essential repair split end correcting treatment by Pureology, which you should apply after you wash your hair; split end remedy that brings down split ends by 80% within three weeks of using it and Alterna Caviar CC Cream for Hair, which contains caviar, sunflower seed oil and lemon peel extract, among other ingredients.

How to heal split ends without cutting your hair ? 

You can also protect your hair from split ends without cutting it by combing your hair with a wide-toothed comb after you apply conditioner. This will take out all the tangles and prevent any further hair breakages and grow hair longer and faster.

Tips to avoid split ends: Here are some time-tested tips for split hairs that you can try:

  • Don’t shampoo your hair too often: Over shampooing can erode your hair’s natural oils, so wash your hair less often and use a mild shampoo. This practice will teach you how to prevent split ends in hair.
  • Protect your hair with a hat: If you expose your hair too much to the sun and wind, it can dry and split, so wear a hat or a scarf to protect it.
  • Stop blow drying your hair: Your hair can dry out when you turn on heat as in a blow dryer or a curling iron. If you must curl your hair, use plastic or sponge curlers.
  • Don’t brush your hair too much: Brushing your hair too much or too hard can break the follicle, causing a split end. Brush gently but not at all when wet.

With so much help at hand, you will never have to ask, “How do I get rid of split ends?”

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