Natural Cures for Body Odor

7 Unfailing Natural Cures for Body Odor

Body odor is that embarrassingly difficult problem that is invariably brushed under the carpet for all the wrong reasons. Whether the stench is mild, strong or downright sordid, you’ve got to realize that there is a problem on hand that needs to be dealt with aptly and need to look for natural cures for body odor.

Using deodorants and perfumes mindlessly to camouflage the stench is not a good long-term solution simply because they do not tackle the intrinsic reasons that are responsible for these nauseating smells.

Thankfully, there is a treatment for bad body odor that can be implemented using natural and more holistic approaches to deal with this issue.

Natural Cures for Body Odor – Bathing

First thing first to how to treat body odor; it is imperative to maintain good bodily hygiene if you are to get anywhere close to your goal of eradicating body odor. Something as mundane and silly as poor bathing habits is sometimes the most common cause for this problem.

By not bathing every day, you give the endocrine glands, which are situated in the genitals, under arms and hands/feet, a free hand to secrete foul-smelling substances by coming into contact with dangerous skin bacteria.

Then there are sebaceous glands situated in your face, scalp and chest, which ends up producing oil that is replete with a light odor. When bathing, make sure that you focus on problematic areas such as your armpits and feet. You should also dry your body thoroughly as damp skin is a great breeding ground for bacteria.

In order to prevent body odor, try out these safe home remedies for body odor to do one of the most important yet underrated things- keep your skin dry and clean.

Home Remedies for Body Odor Cure

Use vinegar

Making use of vinegar is a brilliant idea because of scientific reasons as it helps in reducing the skin’s pH level. This wonder home remedy works without fail simply because the bacteria do not survive in acidity and are therefore, unable to produce bad odor.

You may want to splash some vinegar underneath your arms immediately after showering, although you must not do that right after shaving your underarms. While the remedy remains safe for all body types, you should still perform a test on a small portion of skin to ensure that it does not react adversely.

How to get rid of underarm odor permanently

 If you are keen to deal with bad underarm smell permanently, just apply tea tree oil and witch hazel directly on your armpits since they are natural sterilizers and reduce the pH level of your skin, which again makes it difficult for bacteria to thrive.

In fact, you can apply witch hazel directly on the skin and use it as a natural deodorant.

Change your shoes

It is a deep-rooted misnomer that it’s only the armpits that are the biggest contributors of body odor. Contrary to popular notion, some of the worst stenches come directly from the feet or nail fungus.

Changing shoes on a regular basis will prevent bad odors from concentrating on one particular area. This in turn reduces the amount of bacteria that stays within your shoes. It is anyway a good idea to replace your shoes every 500 miles.

Green Supplements

If you always wanted to know how to prevent body odor without using deodorant, here is a great option for you and as natural cures for body odor. Simply incorporate a daily wheat grass supplement in your daily scheme of things as a vitamin supplement.

Such supplements function as natural deodorizers and go a long way in helping you smell fresh and nice.

Shave your underarms:

Shaving underarms is also a practical and useful treatment for bad body odor. Too much of dirty hair underneath the arms can lead to a swampy environment and allows bacteria to wreak havoc. Since hair is porous, it tends to absorbs smells and affect sweat evaporation, thereby trapping odorants.

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How to Treat Body Odor by Changing Your Diet

Certain foods and spices are more than likely to trigger foul odors emanate from your skin; hence it is best to avoid these items bit by bit. Troublesome foods include garlic, onions and also caffeinated drinks. Bringing about a systematic change in your diet alone can help you deal with this situation in a much better manner.

In the end, body odor is not merely an offensive predicament; it is a symptom of what could be a deeper malaise that can affect your health, particularly digestion.

About 10% of those who suffer from this problem are unable to digest food properly owing to enzyme deficiencies. Therefore apart from using the above remedies, you may also want to consider taking a probiotic supplement so as to improve intestinal flora quality. You should also take digestive enzymes along with your daily meals.

So try these natural cures for body odor and stay fresh all the time!!!

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