Makeup Tips for Thin Lips

Makeup Tips for Thin Lips For Your Unbelievable Fuller Lips Look

Full lips are universally epitomized as unfailing symbols of sensual feminine charm. Legends would have us believe that a lady with a full woman is someone who’s not only physically attractive but can also enjoys the finer pleasures of life. Little wonder like makeup tips for thin lips then that most women could give up (quite literally) their arm obtain those coveted, delectable lips.However, fantasies and reality are two very different realms and reality is what we have to live with because that is what stays with us till the end. And the reality is that not every woman is endowed with natural, full lips that signify outwardly physical beauty.

Thankfully, there is more than a ray of hope to get extremely soft lips and those among us who struggle to accentuate our lip fullness as long as they use an eclectic mix of beauty products and combine them strategically.

How to make thin lips look fuller

Beauty and makeup trends come and go but the one thing that has withstood the test of time is your ever-faithful lip liner. Not only does it shape and accentuate your lips beautifully, it also imparts proper definition to your lips which may have thinned or flattened for some reason including medial illnesses.

Unfortunately, many self-proclaimed fashion savvy women use lip liners wrongly in their unbridled zest for ‘doing things by themselves’. They either use a shade that is ridiculously darkish, or buy a singularly shaded tan pencil that serves very little purpose. Granted, but what then is the correct way to use them?

Lip Makeup for Thin Lips

The answer is simple: Just use a nude liner that goes well with your natural shade. At best, it should be just one shade lighter. The good thing about such lip liners is that they don’t create two glaringly obvious points on your already inadequately thin lips.

Instead, they correct any apparent asymmetry on upper or lower lip with a lot of finesse, lending a sense of uniformity and consistency. Gently fill your entire mouth using the same pencil that you’d be using as base for balm or lip gloss and gently rub the bow to accentuate the fullness.

Mix colors

As mentioned above, neutral tones are the best hues to make your lips appear thicker.

Makeup Tips for Thin Lips
Lip Makeup for Thin Lips

After having applied a natural looking light lip liner to both your lips, put some mild balm to the lip and them color them using a bright hue that is in sync with your inherent skin tone. When that’s done, complete the look by applying a glittering lip gloss and make sure that the center portion of your lip is not left out. Doing so would give others the impression that your lips are full.

Makeup Tips for Thin Lips

  • Lip plumpers that make your lips bigger: Apply some peppermint oil to improve blood flow throughout the surface of your lips. Do this regularly and your lips will look fuller at least for a few hours. It can also be reapplied.
  • If you have thin lips, avoid dark colors in the form of both lip glosses and lip liners because that would negate all your efforts.
  • Do not line your lower lip first because that can easily leave your upper lip slightly underprepared. Learnmakeup tips for thin lips and focus on the upper lip first, bring the liner down gradually and end right at the middle.
  • Apply some thin lip enhancing lip gloss to the middle of your lips at the end of every makeup session.
  • Lipstick shades: Buy suitable lipstick shades for thin lips and apply them intelligently. Like always, make sure the color is not too dark.

Color choices: Mild, natural looking colors like pinks and tans are the best choices

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