Makeup Tips for Protruding Eyes

Protruding eyes are those when you have round, big eyes! But you must know that for protruding eyes makeup you need to take care of a lot of things otherwise eye makeup look can be unflattering. Read all the makeup tips for protruding eyes in this article.

Instead of emphasising their larger size, the ultimate objective for projecting eyes is to make them look softer and more inviting.

If you want to enhance the form of your round, projecting eyes, read this blog to learn some important cosmetic suggestions. All of these suggestions are meant to compliment the form of your projecting eyes by making them appear stretched out, oval or almond-shaped rather than round.

Are Protruding Eyes Attractive

Yes, protruding eyes look really attractive, and when you apply makeup to them their appearance enhances a lot. After all, the right makeup for protruding eyes is to work towards enhancing their beauty. Follow all the makeup tips for protruding eyes to look at their best.

In the case of protruding eyes, it is important to give them more of an oval-shaped look and making sure that the right amount of makeup must be applied because even a little extra makeup can end up looking your eyes really bad.

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What is Protruding Eye Shape?

Do you have?                                                   
  • Large, round big eyes that stand apart
  • Deep eyelid crease
  • The appearance of a bit bulged lid

If yes, then you have protruding eyes for sure, or what’s also called prominent or bulging eyes. Don’t get confused protruding eyes with almond eyes for example. Almond eyes, unsurprisingly, look precisely like almonds – they’re enormous, big eyes with a more oval form.

Protruding eyes differ in terms of eyeballs that come out past the brow bone. Because of this, those who have bigger eyelids in addition to big round eyes. This can make your eyes appear huge!

Are Bulging Eyes Attractive?

Yes, bulging eyes look attractive. The eyes are the windows to our souls and that’s correct as well! Most people smile and spread a lot of emotions through their eyes.

To make sure that your eyes speak more, then you must have to know what the right kind of eyes makeup you need to apply. If you have small eyes, your attention will be on making them seem bigger and better using makeup suggestions for bulging eyes.

Now, in the opposite case, if you have bigger eyes, you would love to make them look a little smaller in appearance to make them look good.

Are Prominent Eyes Bad?

Bulging eyes, or protrude out of their normal position, could be a sign of a medical concern. While some people are born with prominent eyes more than normal, and many others develop them as a result of an underlying serious medical concern.

Sometimes, the white part of your eye is not visible from above your iris without lifting your eyelid at all.

What happens? If the white of your eye lies in the middle of your iris and your upper eyelid, then it turned out to be a sign of abnormal bulging. Your desired treatment plan will depend on the cause of your bulging eyes.

If you experience sudden bulging of only one eye then it is an emergency. Go out and seek medical advice as soon as possible.

How Do I Know If I Have Protruding Eyes?

The most commonly found cause of protruding eyes is hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid gland. Your thyroid gland is exactly placed in the front of your neck. It releases various hormones that help you to control your metabolism.

When your thyroid produces too many of these hormones, hyperthyroidism develops. Also, an autoimmune disorder called Graves’ disease is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism and protruding eyes.

In hyperthyroidism, tissues around your eye become inflamed. This creates a protruding effect.

Can Protruding Eyes Be Fixed?

Yes, protruding eyes can be fixed depending on the recommended treatment plan and also on the underlying cause of your protruding eyes. For example, depending on your diagnosis, your doctor might suggest you one or more than one following as:

  • Eye drops
  • Corticosteroids
  • Antibiotics
  • Eye surgery or Chemotherapy
  • Radiation to treat cancerous tumors

How Can I Hide My Protruding Eyes?

You might be able to make your eyes look more symmetrical using cosmetics. Contouring, highlighting, and other methods can be used to draw attention to particular elements and produce a balanced appearance.

The use of an eyebrow pencil or powder can assist to level out the look of your brows, making your eyes appear more even. You can also use winged eyeliner for protruding eyes.

There are video lessons available online for makeup tips for protruding eyes. Makeup artists and cosmeticians are on duty at many cosmetic and department stores, and they can demonstrate to you how to utilise items to improve your characteristics.

Which Eye Shape is the Most Attractive?

Because you can very much pull off any makeup look with almond eyes, they are considered the most perfect eye shape.

And believe me when I say that this is a major benefit! The almond eye is oval in form, with a slightly raised outer corner.

Aside from being able to pull off gorgeous makeup looks, almond eyes work well with pretty about any lash type!

Yes, almost any lash style will look good on almond eyes. Your lash style will be determined by what makes you feel the most confident. 😉

How Do you Apply Makeup to Protruding Eyes?

Begin by applying black eyeliner to the upper lash line. Also, line the waterline and lashline. It’s time to smoke it out. This doesn’t have to be nice right now; it’s just a foundation for the shadow.

Apply and mix a black eye shadow on the lid. Make a V-shape with the eyeshadow by lifting it from the outside corner. Find out how to get rid of black bags under the eyes using natural remedies.

It’s simplest to apply some colour, blend it out, then apply more colour, blend again, and so on for a smoky eye. To make the black blend in better with the skin, start with a lighter shadow or use a transition shade.

Use some eye shadow on your lower lash line as well, but keep it simple. In the inner corners, apply a faint shimmer colour. After that, apply mascara and you’re done!

How Can I Make my Bulging Eyes Look Smaller?

Apply dark eyeshadow to the outside corners of your lids, ideally brown colours, and blend it inwards softly. Less light bounces off the surface of the eyelid when black eyeshadow is applied to the outer corners, making your eyelids seem smaller.

To make your bulging large eyes look smaller, use a curling mascara on the bottom lashes. This will lower the height of your lids, making your eyes look minimize bulging eyes.

Everyday Makeup for Protruding Eyes

Apply the highlighter to the outside rim of your brow to create a beautiful arch. It needs to be more defined.

Make sure your eyeliner reaches the top lid’s waterline before applying it. To create an almond-shaped appearance, lengthen the line around your eyes and use winged eyeliner.

Don’t use mascara on your entire lash while applying it to your lashes. Only apply make-up to the tip of your nose, away from your eyes.

Makeup For Protruding Almond Eyes

For the beauty advice:

If you have almond eyes, keep reading for professional ideas on how to make them look bigger. Even celebrities with protruding eyes use these methods.

  • Inner corners should be highlighted.
  • Apply a nude liner to the waterline at the bottom.
  • Make a tightline along the upper lash line.
  • Floating eyeliner is a great option.
  • Use a light-colored shadow to complete the look.
  • Consider a cat-eye.
  • Make a smokey ombre eye.
  • Curl your lashes if you haven’t already.

Eyeshadow Tips for Protruding Eyes

Before deciding which approach is best for you, try out the ones listed below.

1. Applying eye primer to your top lid is the first step in applying makeup for protruding eyes. This will offer you a more even skin tone and a blank canvas to work with when applying eyeshadow and eyeliner.

2. Subtle eyeshadow look: Use a dark eyeshadow on the lids to make bulging eyes recede a little. Avoid using colours with a lot of sheens. Alternatively, just a smidgeon on top of the black eyeshadow.

3. Inner corner shimmer: The inner corners of your eyes are where you utilise shimmer. You may wear it with any outfit. This is a great way to hide a prominent eye shape and give the appearance of flatter, oval eyes.

4. Popping eyeshadow looks: Choose a light hue for your lids to make your eyes pop. Apply a light colour to your lower lids in the same way. Work a dark shade into the crease after that. Of course, mix thoroughly.


You’ve come to the correct site if you’re trying to figure out makeup tips for protruding eyes and how to make your Protruding eyes seem more natural. Eye make-up can instantly improve your features, from a basic, casual appearance to dramatic eyes and a swipe or two of mascara.

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