Top 10 Makeup tricks and ticks

Look Gorgeous with Simple Makeup Tips and Tricks

Women are so much fond of using makeup to look more beautiful and attractive. It is all your techniques that make you too look prettier in the makeup because a bad makeup can spoil your entire event along with your mood. Every person is not an expert, but she can keep few simple steps in her mind to put the makeup like an expert.

Top 10 Makeup tricks and ticks

Makeup can enhance your beauty also spoil your beauty. It is all depend upon theĀ  Beauty tips and tricks you followed while doing makeup. For good makeup, you should follow below mentioned makeup tips and tricks. These tips and tricks are:

Best makeup tips and tricks:

  1. Concealer: Experts says that never put concealer on your eyelids to make a base. It will spoil your eye makeup easily.
  2. Foundation: For best finishing, you must use your fingers to apply foundation on your face. You can use an appropriate brush but for sheer coverage, finger tips are the best.
  3. Powder: You must apply face powder where you want complete finish first. This area is usually your T-zone. You need to dust this area with very light hands.
  4. Bronzer: You should choose and put bronzer over your face, neck and chest area. The choice of bronzer must be according to your skin tone. Always make sure that each area has same color.
  5. Blush: The most important thing for perfect blush applying is your smile. You have to smile first while applying blush. After that start on the top of the cheeks and combine the blush back towards the top of the ear and then down towards the jaw-lines.
  6. Eyebrows: Before the application of eyebrow pencil or power, life your face up and then apply smoothly at the upper part of the eyebrow.
  7. Lipstick: Always make sure to choose a perfect color as per your skin tone. Always apply equal quantity on both upper and lower lip.
  8. Eye shadow: Never forget the base shadow with shimmer. You must apply this base shadow to assure the darker shadows used on your lid up to the crease are properly blended.
  9. Eye-liner: It is among the most difficult work to apply accurate and same lines with eye-liner. For best result, get close to the mirror; stick your head up and get your chin towards the mirror. You have to look slightly down as you apply. Do not open your open properly until eye-liner got dried.
  10. Mascara: Last but not the least; mascara is an essential part of applying makeup properly. Do not move while applying mascara.

These are the very basic and easy things for applying makeup successfully. By following these simple Makeup tips and tricks you can look perfect like a diva.

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