Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Answers Revealed

If you have a problem with unwanted body hair, your first reaction might be to get out your wax or your razor blades. But just think about the number of hours you spend waxing and shaving at home. And what about those areas you find it hard to see or reach on your own, such as your back? Are you simply expected to waste time and struggle through? Well, not if you go for laser hair removal.

You are probably wondering a lot of things about the process of removing hair with lasers. If you’ve never had the procedure before, you might be curious or concerned about certain aspects of the process. So, let’s reveal some important answers to those nagging questions.

How Painful Will it Be During the Procedure?

Pain is a big concern when you’re considering a major cosmetic procedure, but when it comes to laser devices you can more or less put your mind at ease. During the procedure all you should really feel is warmth and maybe a mild sensation like zaps you would get from static electricity or snapping a rubber band against your wrist. If you feel anything worse than that, it’s not normal and you should inform your technician, who will stop and address the problem.

What Sorts of Side Effects Might I Experience?

Another worry you probably have is what side effects might pop up after you’re done with your hair removal session. You might find that your skin is a little red for a day or two. However, you shouldn’t have anything worse than that.

How Accurate is the Laser Device?

The truth of the matter is that laser devices are much more accurate than any waxing or shaving you could do at home, at least as far as removing surface hair that you can see. And when it comes to getting right down to the roots, laser hair removal blows waxing and shaving away. Even so, it will take several appointments to achieve long-lasting results, and some hair might still grow back. So, some shaving maintenance may be necessary. But it will be a lot less often than if you didn’t have laser treatment at all.

Does it Matter What Type of Laser is Used?

The type of laser used for the procedure matters quite a bit for two reasons. The first is that some of these machines are stronger than others. The second is that they are designed for specific purposes and to treat specific types of skin. For example, a laser designed for wrinkle reduction can’t be used for hair removal. Also, a laser designed to treat people with light skin tones may not be as effective or safe for a person with dark skin tones.

How Can I Pick the Best Clinic?

There are really three factors that go into picking the best clinic. One is making sure that they offer the exact treatment you want. The next is making sure that the clinic has a great reputation and certified staff. The third is judging your own level of comfort at that particular clinic. Once you find a professional place where you feel comfortable, the actual treatment process should be easy.


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