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Kim Kardashian Flawless Makeup Tutorial 2016

“People will stare. Make it worth their while”, the legendary jeweller Harry Winston rightly said.

Trust me, the effort that goes behind dressing up is totally worth the feeling you get when look your best. For beginners, it might be a bit difficult to do everything in one go, but worry not!


We are here with a detailed makeup guide. For a first timer or, any makeup lover actually, what better than following a diva? So here’s presenting a detailed makeup guide to attain the signature Kim Kardashian makeup look:

What Makeup does Kim Kardashian Use:

In order to look like Kim Kardashian, it is important to know what the Queen of Selfies herself follows.

Kardashian might have been known more for her controversies than her television show episodes, but her amazingly flawless makeup has managed to strike a chord among everyone, people who like her and people who do not.

So to attain this all time classic look, you have to remember the five key factors; hair, foundation, eye makeup, cheekbone and makeup for thin lips. These are things you need to take perfect care of to attain the classic look.

Kim Kardashian herself apparently focuses of these important five aspects only.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial Step by Step:

Before starting on with the makeup procedure, make sure you have everything on hand.

After all, it is never a good thing to run around the house looking for a lipstick with a dozen of curlers on your head, right?

So, to begin with, make a list of everything you would need and then get started. So here is the all detailed Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial step by step for all the lovely ladies:

1. Foundation First:

 Makeup Foundation

Choose a foundation that suits your skin type and colour well and try mineral powder foundation for dry skin, buy that of a reliable and reputed brand. Foundation is the most basic yet the most important step of makeup, so do not mess this up.

After washing your face clean and letting it dry, pour a generous amount of the foundation on a flat surface and according to its composition, either blend it or apply it directly on your face neck and back as evenly as possible with a proper makeup brush.

Applying this with your fingertips need a lot of expertise, so beginners might start with the brush. Using a softening cream might help the foundation to blend.

P.S- Uneven skin tone is a big distraction on photos especially. So apply foundation on even your ears, hands or toes, that is, all visible body parts, depending on the dress you year.

2. Beautify your Brows:

Kim Kardashian has the most perfect eyebrow with just the perfect bend at the perfect place in almost all her public appearances.

The perfect brows aren’t an easy thing. Choose the right colour for your eyebrow shaper and begin with the process. Extend the outer ends tapering into a thin end to make your eyes look even more prominent.

Give a softer effect on the inner side though.

3. Secret to Elegant Eyes:

Now comes the most important and the most delicate part, the eye makeup. Go for the smoky eyes look choosing the right colour for the shadows.

Choose a cream based shadow instead of a dry one for the perfect finish. Do not fill in the extreme upper part of your eyes; it makes the eyebrows more prominent.

Use eye liners in more than a single layer. First, start with kohl and prepare the base. Then intensify the corners using a liquid base liner. Add the finishing touches with a fine eye pencil.

4.The Cheekbones:

Kim Kardashian mostly prefers to draw her cheekbones high, and that never ever fails! To attain a look just like her, be careful with the cheekbones.

Draw your cheekbones with a thick brush carefully and use a highlighter next.

If you happen to prefer blush, apply it next with ultimate precision.

5. Hair:

Kim Kardashian hairstyle

Kim Kardashian’s signature hairstyle is a sleek, low ponytail.

This style goes well with almost all dresses and moods. You might go for a bouncy blow as well.

But the ponytail is one of the safest options. Middle part your hair and tie it tightly into a low ponytail. Fix short and frizzy hairs using a hairspray.

And you are ready in your glamorous best!

P.S – Do not forget your lips. You can choose either from a dark shade of lipstick or a nude one. Either of them would go well with the rest of the look. Extend the corners of your lip using a lip liner.

Kim Kardashian Makeup Tips:

Kim Kardashian’s makeup tips could be summarized into just one word, perfection. From the sleek, elegant ponytail to the dusky eyes, or the beautiful cheekbone, everything has to be done with utter precision.

Kim Kardashian Eye Makeup:

Smoky eyes are Kim Kardashian’s signature style. Her makeup artists have been quoted saying that multiple layered eyes and liquid based eye shadows are more preferred than the conventional things.

First things, applying foundation even on the eyelids are a must. It creates a good base for the shadow. The shadow should preferably be liquid based as it helps create the smoky feel and also blends well.

Next use a kohl pencil to draw around the eyes, and then use a liquid liner to extend the line and lastly, touch up with a dry liner pencil.

This basically is the secret of Kim Kardashian eye makeup.

Kim Kardashian Favourite Makeup Products:

Kim Kardashian Makeup Products

The myth goes around the fashion diva’s secret behind her flawless look is that she tries many makeup brands.

In one of her interviews, she has stated that she loves makeup and skin products in her makeup essential bag. She never sticks to one brand, but a Nutrogena makeup removing wipe is a must on her handbag.

There is nothing like Kardashian’s favourite makeup product, but she happens to use different products like refreshing gel, body cream and moisturizer from the top notch brands across the globe.

So, you are on the way to be second Kim Kardashian. Good Luck!!!

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