How To Take Gel Nails Off At Home

How to Take Gel Nails off at Home : Quick Guide

Once getting done with the gel manicure, we fall in love with our nails, but after the passage of a week, it becomes the thing we can say we hate the most. It looks annoying when it starts peeling and gives a very grimy appearance. Once you experience this loss, your mind fills with lots of HOWs and that can be how to take gel nails off at home or how do you remove gel nails at home or the most common how to remove gel nail polish at home without acetone. So let’s give you an answer on your some of these extreme HOWs.

How to Remove UV Gel Nail Polish At Home:

One can easily get rid of the creepy looking gel manicure at home with or without using acetone. Though at home you don’t get the professionally removed look, there are many advantages you can enjoy when you remove this at home. The top-notch advantage in the removal of gel nail polish at home is it is very much cost effective and as you can DIY at home you need not see a parlour.

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish At Home With Acetone:

Acetone is a chemical, which, when applied to the gel nails loses up the nail polish giving you a gel-free and clean nails. Acetone is a very common element used in the nail polish remover; however for the removal of gel manicure at home, you need acetone in a bit concentrated form.

For this procedure, you will need acetone, a bowl of lukewarm water, aluminium foil, a buffer, moisturizer and a cotton ball.

How to Take Gel Nails off at Home

  • Take some moisturizer and apply it around your nails in order to protect your skin from acetone.
  • Now put some acetone in a bowl of lukewarm water.
  • Dip the cotton ball in the bowl and rape it up around your nails with the help of aluminium foil.
  • Do the same with all the nails.
  • Keep it for 30 minutes.
  • Take it off.
  • If some gel is still there repeat the process again for 10 minutes.
  • Use a buffer to remove the remaining gel.
  • Now condition your nails and cuticles with a good moisturizer.

As Acetone is a chemical that can even damage your skin, many of the skin conscious women avoid using it. You can even remove the gel nail polish at home and that too without using acetone. How? Let’s have a look on how to take gel nails off at home.

For taking off the gel nail polish without acetone you will need, water or olive oil or orangewood stick, a buffer, moisturizer and cuticle oil.

  • Start by finding a loose spot in the gel nails. Now lift up the loosen part by using your fingernail.
  • Pour out some water on the lifted part and simultaneously use your fingernail to gently raise it even more.
  • You can even give a try to olive oil instead of water as it will nourish your skin.
  • One can even use the orangewood stick as it can easily raise the edges of the nail polish.
  • Take off the gel nails.
  • Now being very careful, use a buffer to remove the residue of the gel nail polish.
  • Apply cuticle oil on the cuticles and moisturizer on the nails.

So, learn how to take gel nails off at home and teach your friends too!!!

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