How to Put Mascara on Your Bottom Eyelashes

How to Put Mascara on Your Bottom Eyelashes : Get the Look to Kill

Mascara is one the most ubiquitous, must-have products for women of all ages (not without a reason too!). Mascara wand has an uncanny ability to make your lashes look fuller, longer, thicker and darker, even if they are not.

Apply Mascara on Bottom Eyelashes

It goes without saying that no one would bother looking at your eye shadows or the various deft techniques you’ve adopted to make them look good if (and it’s a big if) your eyelashes are not done appropriately.

Lengthening and volumizng mascara must top your priority list if you want to draw attention to yourself; it’s as simple as that!

Putting on adequate amount of mascara lends an element of depth to your eyes even if you don’t have a penchant for using eye shadow.

That being said, it is imperative that you know how to apply it the right away so as to avoid looking way out of line, thereby embarrassing yourself.

Neglecting bottom lashes- a perennial makeup mistake

A lot of us naively focus squarely on the top lashes while neglecting our bottom set, primarily because the latter are erroneously considered as ‘no man’s land’ with regard to mascara application owing to their tiny size.

If that’s what you do as well, think again! As any make-up guru would tell you vociferously, this is not the most sensible thing to do, and you must apply mascara on bottom eyelashes.

You’re actually missing out on an opportunity to achieve a wholesome, exotic look by brining the bottom lashes into the equation.

Secondly, putting mascara on both lashes help you achieve that elusive wide-alert look by highlighting (and augmenting) the space between your eyes.

Tips on how to apply mascara to bottom lashes at home

If you basically know how to use an eyelash curl with mascara, then one crucial tip is to start off by gently dabbling the wand against the root without touching the skin area around the area (this is very important).

Press and hold the curler for a few seconds and move it all over your bottom lashes in a gentle manner, right to the end.

Another useful tip on applying mascara to your lower lashes is to wipe away unwanted mascara while extracting the wand from the tube.

Doing so would prevent excessive clumping along your bottom lashes.

Hold the wand in a vertical position and use the brush tip to tap against the lashes to provide a firm definition. You may want to fan your hands to dry out any powdery substance in front of your face.

If you’ve ever been weary of applying mascara on your bottom lashes and want to learn how to get lighter eyes because of the impending possibility of getting raccoon rings near your eye, you’re definitely not alone.

In fact, this is probably the biggest reason why most women don’t allow their lower lashes to come into contact with mascara. To avoid that possibility, the best thing to do is to avoid using any oily/greasy or other rich creams below the eyes.

How to Put Mascara on Short Bottom Lashes

If you have really short lower lashes, you may want to use a flat eyeliner as opposed to the regular shaped wand.

Tap it gently on the mascara wand and choose any color of your choice.

Here, it would be prudent to use a light mascara instead of a volumizing one because you don’t want to add too much definition to your short lashes.

Finally, brush your bottom lashes in a downward pattern on areas that need highlighting and depth. That’s it; you can now start adoring the definition given to your short lower lashes.

Eyelash tinting mascara at home can also be looked into, but only after trying the above method.

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