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How to Make Homemade Body Wash from Scratch? : A Quick Guide

We always love to go natural as we know how prominent and promising natural ingredients are.  With the benefits of going natural, today we will see how you can even make your shower product like body washing from the natural constituent.

It is very easy to make the body wash for desired skin from biological products. By following few steps involved in body wash formula recipe you can become a proud owner of healthy, glowing skin.

Making Homemade Body Wash:

Other then no side effects there are many hidden benefits of letting a natural body wash touch your body:

  • It is very easy to make natural body wash to give it the most needed natural tap.
  • The other vital benefit of natural body wash is it helps you keep your body away from the toxic chemical products.
  • It’s homemade or natural ingredients makes it very much cheaper than the other commercial products.
  • As it is natural from its sole it has no harmful effects.
  • Being natural makes it skin friendly and hence applicable for any of the skin types from dry to oily and from rough to sensitive.
  • You can apply the same body was on kids as well. As the homemade body wash are very supple.

 Ways to Make Homemade Body Wash:

There are many ways and body wash ingredients that can be used for the preparation of homemade body wash:

Honey for Body Wash


You can call oil the best friend for the sensitive and dry skin. For making body wash you can go with many oils like coconut oil, grape oil, jojoba oil and many more. Adding up oils, give the body the moisturised and luxurious touch.


Honey is the out of sight ingredient used in the grounding of almost any type of skin products. It is very useful for dry, itchy or scratchy skin. It offers the skin with motorization and elasticity. With its anti-oxidant property, it also acts as a very important anti-aging product. It is one of best body wash without chemicals.

#Vitamin E Oils:

Vitamin E is another very prestigious ingredient included in the body wash, as it repairs the skin damage due to scratch and even provides a healthy motorization to the skin.

#Castile Soap:

Popularly known as vegetable oil is a type of organic and gentle soap. Castile oil is very safe on any type of skin including the sensitive one. It is completely crafted from the non-toxic ingredients and can be available in liquid or bar form.

#Vegetable Glycerine:

It is a form of a carbohydrate derived from the plants oil. Vegetable Glycerine is generally used in the preparation of skin care products and in food industry. Glycerin body wash has some of the very beneficial effects on the skin like it oxidizes skin, retains moisture and provides a cooling effect.

How to make Homemade Body Wash with Coconut oil:

Coconut does not merely hide sweet white fruit and water inside it but also guards many benefits for glowing skin. One can get rid of scratch marks with the application of coconut oil, it also act as an amazing moisturizer and also works effectively against wrinkles. So with so many benefits it can create magic on your skin with a single body wash. You can make your own body wash with coconut oil. It’s amazing to go with it.

Homemade Body Wash With Essential Oils:

The main reason behind using essential oil in the homemade body wash is due to its natural scent and making liquid body wash. Moreover than scent it is beneficial in many other ways like skin repair, deodorize, soothe, disinfect and many other.

Lavender Oil Homemade Body WashSome of the very beneficial essential oils include lavender, peppermint, lemon, carrot seed and tea-tree oil.

#Carrot Seeds:

Carrot seed gives a revitalize and refreshing effect that makes your skin away from aging.


Lavender has some very great skin claiming properties. It soothing scent gives a great sleep. It is the perfect body was kids and little children.

#Tea-Tree Oil:

Tea-Tree oil is the best anti-bacterial essential oil that kills the skin harmful bacteria.


Lemon is the best essential oil for the improvement of skin tones it even has an astringent. It provides freshness to the body with its anti-bacterial property.

Homemade Body Wash Recipes:

Let’s have a look at some DIY tips using which you can give your skin the much desired soothing glow:

#Coconut Milk:

homemade body wash with coconut milk is great and effective. Take 1/3 cup of liquefied castile soap and add about ¼ cup coconut milk to follow it up with a scent with any of the essential oils.

#Vitamin E, Honey And Castile Oil:

Add ½ cup of castile oil in one tablespoon vitamin E and two tablespoons of vegetable glycerine. Add one tablespoon of raw honey to it. You can even add a tablespoon of grape seed, jojoba oil and olive oil and few drops of essential oil.

#Lively Orange and Honey:

Body wash made from the ingredients like orange and honey moisturizes the body and gives it a beautiful smell. Add ¼ cup of honey, 2 tablespoon grape seed oil and half cup castile soap and mix it well in a bowl. Now add few drops of rose oil and orange essential oil to it.

Make Homemade Body Wash for Sensitive Skin:

If the skin is very sensitive is becomes important to treat it with some additional care and go for homemade antibacterial body wash. Though all the homemade body wash can be applicable for sensitive skin.

Coconut Oil And Honey Body Wash

There are many homemade body scrub and wash ingredients that can give your sensitive skin a gentle feel like coconut oil and honey, which act as a peak ingredient for the sensitive skin product.

#Coconut Oil And Honey:

It is very easy to make coconut oil and honey body wash with the help of liquid castile soap. Take half a cup of liquid castile soap in a bowl, mix half a cup raw honey and the same amount of coconut oil to it. Add few drops of your preferred essential oil and you are done!

Storage and Usage:

You store the body wash in an air tight bottle for few days. However, you have to store them in a cool place so that they can be safe. If you have stored it for future purposes don’t forget to give it a gentle shake before getting used as it will remix all the ingredients.

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