Greasy Hair Without Showering

How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair without Showering?

Greasy hair can easily annoy you by not letting you go with your favorite hair do. It makes you appear dull and like you didn’t have the bath from months. Though some consider it as a part of new hairstyle, others hate it to the hell. Some think that a mistakenly chosen shampoo made it like this and some consider it as a consequence of their hair type.There are many ways to how to get rid of greasy hair without showering using which one can avoid this worn out look and that too, without giving it the much boring water splash.

Greasy Hair Causes:

The excessive formation of sebum on the scalp give the hair sticky, shabby and greasy façade that is responsible for this predicament. Owing to the presence of a lot of moistness, greasy hair causes accumulation of the dust particles and hence makes you look grimy and improper.

How to Get Rid of Greasy Hair without Showering

Greasy Hair Quick Fix:

Using a hair dryer can give your greasy hair a quick fix. By blowing your hairs with the warmth of hair dryer you can get a less greasy look.

Greasy Hair Shampoo:

There are many commercial greasy hair shampoos available in the markets that are specially known for the elimination of the greasy oil from your tresses. One can even go with these shampoos as they are loaded with the ingredients that can absorb the oil from the hair.

How To Make Your Hair Ungreasy:

Cornflour: Cornflour act as a dry shampoo from greasy hairs. A small application of cornflour on a regular basis can make your hair grease-free. Just remember not to overdo it for obvious reasons.

Perfume: Smell your way to attain a silky smooth hair! By applying perfume strategically, you can slowly but steadily get rid of sticky hairs. The reason behind it is the presence of alcohol, which absorbs the grease and leaves behind a clean look.

Sanitizer: Though it might sound weird, sanitizer is also a great absorber of grease from the hairs as it also contains alcohol. And the next interesting thing about sanitizer is you don’t have to wash it off hundreds of times to obliterate the stains, it tends to get vaporized on its own.

Wet Wipes: Wet wipes again contain alcohol, which render them effective. You just have to wipe out your scalp and hair strands with these and you will get the fresh looking hairs back.

Toner Or Astringent: Toner or Astringent can acts as a blessing for your hairs as it act as a very good grease liberating agent.

How to Get Grease Out Of Your Hair Without Showering:

It is a misnomer that it is practically impossible to remove grease from your hair without having to shower. One can indeed to how to get rid of greasy hair without showering and greasy hairs without wetting the hair by following these hair care tips and steps.

  • Take some amount of cornstarch in a bowl.
  • Give it a gentle mix with table salt and baking soda.
  • For additional nourishment, you can also add trodden lavender leaves in the blend.
  • Comb your hairs in a gentle, circular manner and apply the mixture progressively. For smooth and even application, you can even consider using a brush.
  • It will eradicate grease from your tresses very smoothly and effectively.


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How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Fast:

If you want to give your hair a quick mend, then the best option for you will be experimenting with the baby powder. Yes, if you are in the dash then you can apply a little bit of baby powder on your hairs and leave on for an hour or so after which, you can wash it off. Doing so will almost guarantee you of that radiant look.

There you go! Make use of these simple steps for how to get rid of greasy hair without showering in a systematic, planner manner and you are almost sure to tackle this annoying problem of greasy hair.

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