How to Apply Lipstick on Pigmented Lips?

It’s been decades since lipstick has been the most important & popular sort of makeup. Lipstick is one of the major essential fashion accessories that a woman just can’t do without. Read how to apply lipstick on pigmented lips?

Every woman will agree that lipstick is the “go-to” makeup for most ladies. Because as per the popular saying – “Give the women a right lipstick and let her conquer the world”.

But having said that, there are very less women who know how to apply lipstick on pigmented lips? It’s an art for sure. If you’re the one who is struggling to master the art of applying lipstick, read this blog to find out how to put on lipstick for beginners.

We have a couple of hacks for you to find out how to apply lipstick on pigmented lips perfectly if you ever found it fading as soon as you applied.

Can You Color Correct Your Lips?

If your lips are dark and prevent you from applying lighter lipstick, then try applying concealer and foundation to make even your skin tone.

Make sure if your lips have uneven tones at the edges, use a nude color lip pencil to the line lips or to fill within the uneven patches before applying them together with your favorite lipstick with lip liner.

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What Does Pigmented Lipstick Mean?

Pigments are often mixed with lip gloss to make your own custom lip color. Take a little amount of clear lip gloss on the rear of your hand (or another flat surface) and use a brush to combine your favorite pigment with the clear gloss until you’ve got a kind of paste consistency.

Apply the paste with a little lip brush—don’t use the lip gloss wand to combine or apply as you’ll transfer the color back to the remaining clear gloss.

Pigments also can be mixed with lipstick to tone down the brilliant color, change the undertone or add shimmer—mix pigment with a little chunk of lipstick (cut from the tube) even as you’d with lip gloss. Mix and match to urge the right shade!

Pro Tip: Add a light-weight pigment to spotlight the Cupid’s bow and make your lips look fuller!

How Do You Fix Pigmented Lips?

Lip pigmentation can happen due to several reasons. It might be due to unprotected exposure to the sun, poor nutrition, or the utilization of chemical products on the lips.

Lips pigmentation is a very general issue, and a lot of people suffer from it. There are various home remedies for lips pigmentation are available and may be tried out.

However, while lips pigmentation does receive much attention. It could even be because we always like better to wear some kind of makeup on our lips, sort of a tinted ointment, lipstick, etc. due to which the pigmentation goes unnoticed.

However, if you suffer from lip pigmentation, these quick ways can assist you to get obviate it.

  • Coconut Oil
  • Lemon or Sugar Scrub
  • Aloe Vera

Which Lipstick Is Best For Pigmented Lips?

For pigmented lips, it is important to go with the colors that perfectly compliment your brown tones and make sure they pop against pigmented lips and skin rather than making them look gray or ashy.

Whether you are looking for a nude or red shade or something in between, you would like to form sure it’s right for you: hunt down shades that are highly pigmented, those can easily stand apart from dark-colored lips, and avoid anything chalky or overly pastel.

How Do You Apply Nude Lipstick To Pigmented Lips?

Finding the right nude lipstick can sometimes desire an impossible task. While it’s one trend or style which will look good on everyone its success lies entirely on finding the proper shade that’s flattering on you.

There’s nobody fits all option here. What looks good on your friend or maybe your sister, presumably isn’t getting to be the proper fit for you. Going too light created a dull look or concealer lip effect but if you went slightly too dark you were just wearing a brown shade.

However, since having an honest nude or neutral lip color is so crucial for your makeup back we reinstated our search with the crucial finding that everyone’s version of the right nude lip is different.

Find out how to apply nude lipstick to pigmented lips:
  • Know your Skin Tone
  • Figure your Undertone
  • Look for your Natural Lips Color
  • Lipstick texture Matters

How Can I Hide Pigmentation On My Lips?

Use Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey are excellent for healing pigmentation and lightening the complexion. Squeeze the juice from one lemon, then mix it with an equal quantity of honey.

Apply the mixture to the afflicted region and let it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off. This is one of the best natural lipstick formulas for pigmented lips.

How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly?

Step 1: Exfoliate first.

For exfoliation, you may use a nutritious lip scrub or a natural sugar scrub. In gentle circular motions, gently massage the scrub onto your lips. Find out how to make lip scrub without honey.

Step 2: Prepare the surface

Use a primer to create an equal foundation and extend the life of your lipstick.

Step 3: Draw a line

Use a lip liner. Avoid using dark colors since they can make your lips look even smaller.

Step 4: Make a point of highlighting

Make sure you highlight after you’ve applied your lipstick. Similar to how highlighting creates dimension on your face, highlighting makes your lips look bigger.

How To Apply Lipstick On Big Lips?

First and foremost, it’s critical to understand the effects of various lip creams. To ‘deflate’ plump lips, matte lipsticks in dark tones are utilized. The bright color and silky finish will give the lips more gloss and provide the illusion of fullness.

Lip glosses, on the other hand, create a moist appearance and swell the lips for a luscious pout. Before swiping your kissy in red, make sure you understand how these items work.

Now that we’ve reviewed the fundamental lippy rule, it’s time to put it into practice. To get the ideal smooch every day, match your rouge to the contour of your lips.

How To Apply Lipstick On Dry Lips?

If your lips are really dry and flaky before applying any product, you’re already doomed! To avoid this, make sure your lips are always moisturized and exfoliated.

Get rid of any dead skin and flakes with your favorite Sugar lip cleanser, then follow up with lip balm! Your lips are now prepared to accept any lip color.

How To Put On Lipstick Without Lip Liner?

Rub the color of your choice into your ring finger and push it directly onto your lips, going along the natural lip line. You can get accuracy without using a liner this way.

Finish by applying the color to the insides of your lips using a lip brush or directly from your lipstick tube.

How To Apply Lipstick Without Cracks?

1. You may use a scrub or a gentle bristle toothbrush to gradually exfoliate your lips.

2. Add moisture by using a mild lip balm.

3. Now it’s time to put on your favorite lipstick.

4. We can nearly ensure that there is dead skin on your lips, even if you can’t see it. Use a lip polish before applying any color to prevent your lipstick from cracking. To remove dead skin from your lips, gently brush them with a toothbrush.

How Do You Neutralize Dark Lips?

Keep it hidden.

The trick is to use a concealer that matches your skin tone to neutralize pigmented lips.

Increase the amount of coverage

If a little concealer wasn’t enough, dab a bit more of the product over your lips until you get the look you want.

Apply Lip Liner

To accentuate the contour of your lips, use a lip liner that matches your lipstick color and gently draw your natural lip line, forming a cross or an ‘X’ exactly beneath the cupid’s bow.

Apply Lipstick in Layers

If necessary, apply your lipstick in layers. For optimum results, choose a non-glossy product. Additionally, they have a considerably longer wear time than creamy or glossy lipsticks. Also, apply lip tint on dark lips.

Can I Put Foundation On Lips?

Yes, You can. Applying foundation to the lips helps keep your lipstick in place and prevents it from smudging.

Alternatively, if you use concealer on your face, apply it to your lips as well.

If you use a foundation or concealer on your lips, the color will remain put for a long time and will not transfer. It will also give your lipstick additional color payoff.


Let me tell you, not everyone knows how to correctly apply lipstick. It’s a form of expression. It is, without a doubt, one of the most important fashion accessories that most ladies cannot live without.

We are sure you ladies would agree that it’s the “go-to” makeup for many of you when need to look put-together fast.

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