How Can I Do Eye Makeup at Home?

Applying eyeshadow is comparatively easy. However, learning to use eye makeup the proper way is not any walk in the park. Read how can I do eye makeup at home.

How does one choose the proper shade for your eye color and skin tone? Does one actually need 10 makeup brushes? Is it important to choose every color that eyeshadow palette?

We know that it’s easy to urge confused about the simplest ways to form your eyes pop, so we’ve crafted a complete guide to point out exactly how can I do eye makeup at home to handle all those eyeliners, mascaras, and shadows. Let’s get started:

How to do Basic Eye Makeup?

Eye makeup can be very tricky it can easily make or break your entire look. Whether it’s about complete eye makeup or keeping it simple by just using an eyeliner, many can go wrong with it!

We understand how painful it is, we have suggested some eye makeup steps, tools, and tips. While there is many eye makeup looks out there (Smokey, winged, and more), we’ve made it simple for you.

You can achieve these looks every- day effortlessly. Find out how can I do eye makeup at home. So, once you master these skills, you’ll advance to more dramatic eye makeup looks.

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Eye Makeup Products

Before we tell you the best makeup steps, it’s important to stay handy this list of these makeup items that you’ll need:

1. Eye primer

2. Eye shadow palette

3. Eye makeup brushes

4. Eyeliner

5. Eyelash curler

6. Mascara

Steps to do Eye Makeup at Home

1. Eye Primer

Create a smooth surface for the makeup by using an eye-fixed primer. Once it dries, use a concealer or a face foundation to make it looks better.

2. Use Neutral Eye Shadow Shades

As a beginner, you ought to use neutral shades to urge a simple eye makeup look. You ought to have a highlighter that’s a shade lighter than your skin tone, a matte mid-tone shade, a contour shade that’s darker than your skin tone, and a matte black shade.

3. Get the Right Makeup Brushes

Perfect makeup is feasible only you’ve got the proper set of brushes by your side. You’d need a little flat eye shadow brush and a blending brush.

4. Apply Eye Shadow

Use the highlighter, on the inner corner of the attention and blend it outwards.

Also, use it to spotlight the arch of the eyebrows. In addition, use the mid-tone shade and apply it above the crease, and first start from the outward corner and blend it inwards.

Apply the contour shade right from the outer corner and also blend it inwards (inside). Proceed to the rock bottom lash line.

Mix the contour shade with a mid-tone shade and apply it on the rock bottom lash line. Get the dramatic Smokey eyes to look by using black shade. Don’t forget to apply eye shadow on the outer corner of the eyelids.

5. Liner Application

Eyeliner is that the basic and therefore the most essential requirement for beautiful eyes. It makes the attention lashes look denser.

Start from the inner corner of the attention and make a line towards the outer corner, thereafter join the road to urge the right look.

Build it up with small strokes, after you’ve got achieved the right thickness, proceed to the lower lash line, use a pencil eyeliner on the outer half and smudge it out. If you are doing not skills to use eyeliner or your liner application skills are weak, you’ll skip this step.

6. Add more Volume to your Eyelashes

Always remember mascara is that the final step of eye makeup. But before applying it, curl your eyelashes with an honest curler.

Thereafter, take the mascara on the wand and begin coating your eyelashes from root to tip. Do an equivalent procedure for lower eyelashes too.

Gently comb the lashes with a clean wand, if there are any clumps of mascara on the lashes. Once it dries up if you would like you’ll apply another coat to offer more volume to the eyelashes and curl them again.

7. Identify Eye Shape

Different eye shapes require different makeup techniques. A touch little bit of research can go an extended thanks to changing the way your eyes look.

Why do You Need Eye Primer?

An eyeshadow primer is typically a multifunctional substance, with the primary goal of extending the wear time of the eyeshadow. Primers are available in a variety of colors to match your skin tone. White primer is frequently used to enhance the vibrancy of eye makeup colors.

Some women find that using their foundation or foundation primer as an eye shadow base works just as well, although foundation or makeup primers are primarily used to make makeup application smoother and more even.

However, while face primers are designed to smooth the skin, they don’t always retain shadow in place as effectively as eye primers. Eye shadow primer ensures that eye shadow adheres to the eyelid, stays in place, and does not crease.

How do You Apply Eye Shadow Primer?

  • With your fingertips, apply a tiny quantity of eye shadow primer over the whole lid, blending up and out toward the brow. Apply as near as possible to the lash line.
  • Blend smoothly with a concealer brush or a base brush.
  • If you want to add a line of eye shadow color beneath the lower lash line, you may also apply a primer under the eyes.
  • Allow a minute or two for the eye makeup primer to dry before adding eye shadow.

Is it Possible to Apply Eyeshadow without Foundation?

To be clear, you can definitely use eyeshadow without foundation! Get in the habit of going out proud of your skin!

It’ll give you more confidence knowing that you don’t have to hide behind a mask to enjoy some gorgeous makeup.

In general, anything that seems natural and youthful will work well with a no-foundation eye look.

Now go ahead and refuse to use that tube of meaty face paint! You don’t need a foundation to get a playful eyeshadow look.

What should I use Instead of Eye-Primer?

Aloe vera gel 

Aloe vera gel is excellent for your skin. And one of them works even better than eyeshadow primers at prepping your eyelids. It completely hydrated your eyes.

What’s the best part? It does not include any oil. As a result, eyeshadow will remain place throughout the day or night on a perfect canvas. Allow it to dry for a few minutes before applying your colors.


Concealers contain a composition that is both light and long-lasting. As a result, they’re an excellent priming substitute. Whether it’s day or night, your eyeshadow will look perfect.


It will help brighten and even impart some shine to your eyeshadow color by keeping the pigment in the child.

Pencil for eyeliner

Take out your favorite white eyeliner pencil that you haven’t used in a long time and use it! Apply the pencil lightly and mix.

Apply your eyeshadow once you’ve finished. The pencil will not crease and will make your eyeshadow color pop like never before! Read quick tips on applying liquid eyeliner eyeshadow.


Use foundation and powder in your smoky eye regimen if you want to create a difference. Allow for drying time after applying liquid foundation. Then finish with a dusting of your preferred powder. Your eyelids will be smooth enough to take everything you throw at them.

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply Easy Eye Makeup

1. Begin with an eye primer

Use an eye primer to create a smooth canvas for your makeup. Use a concealer or a face foundation once it has dried.

2. Use eye shadow hues that are neutral in color

If you’re a newbie, stick to neutral hues for a simple eye makeup look. A highlighter that is a shade lighter than your skin tone, a matte mid-tone shade, a contour shade that is darker than your skin tone, and a matte black shade should all be in your makeup bag.

3. Invest in the right makeup brushes

Only having the appropriate brushes on hand will allow you to achieve flawless makeup. A tiny flat eye shadow brush and a blending brush are required.

4. Make use of eye makeup

On the inner corner of the eye, apply the lighter shade of eye shadow, i.e. the highlighter, and mix it outwards.

Use it to draw attention to the arch of your brows. Then, above the crease, apply the mid-tone shade, starting from the outer corner and blending inwards. Begin blending the contour shade inwards from the outside corner.

Make your way to the bottom lash line. Apply the contour shade to the bottom lash line after mixing it with the mid-tone shade. Using a black matte hue, create stunning smoky eyes. On the outer corner of the eyelids, apply eye shadow.

5. Draw a neat line around the eyes

Make a dotted line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, then connect the line to obtain the perfect effect.

Build it up with tiny strokes, then smudge the outside half of the lower lash line with a pencil eyeliner once you’ve attained the desired thickness.

6. Boost the volume of your lashes

Mascara is the last step in applying eye makeup. Curl your lashes with an excellent curler before applying them.

After that, use the wand to coat your eyelashes from root to tip with mascara. Apply the same technique to your bottom lashes.

If there are clumps of mascara on the lashes, comb them with a clean wand. If you like, you may apply another layer once it dries to give your eyelashes additional volume and curl them again.


Makeup for the eyes may either enhance or detract from your overall appearance. There’s a lot that can go wrong when it comes to finding out how can I do eye makeup at home, whether you go all out with an intricate look or keep it basic with just an eyeliner. Read how to apply eyeliner for hooded eyes.

We understand your frustration, which is why we’ve put together this guide on eye how can I do eye makeup at home along with various products, and tricks. While there are a variety of eye makeup styles (smokey, winged, glitter, and more) to choose from, we’ve kept it basic here.

You can easily pull off these outfits on any given day. Every makeup process starts with these steps. So, once you’ve mastered these techniques, you may progress to more dramatic eye makeup looks (which, sure, we can assist you with!).

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