Homemade Relaxing Bath

Homemade Relaxing Bath Recipes : Rejuvenating, Nourishing and Energizing Skin

So you’ve finally realized that bubble baths are not quite the best and healthiest choices if you’re looking to nourish your skin with vitamins and minerals while feeling replenished. That’s a good start, because life does go on in better ways than you’d ever imagine.

If you are still unclear about the importance of periodic self-care, steer clear of your doubts and start now! Stay-at-home moms have a way of trampling their personal desires and happiness under the weight of household chores to the extent that they end up neglecting their health and zeal for life in general.

For starters, create a list of various things that bring about serenity, calmness, peace of mind and a sense of direction to your life. When that’s done, make yourself a commitment to indulge in some of these rejuvenating practices like aromatherapy body spray recipes, every week or so.

And no, it’s not selfish to take care of your mental and physical well-being because your family’s happiness essentially hinges on yours. It’s an established fact that moms who practice self-care are emotionally and physically better equipped to address their family needs.

Homemade Relaxing Bath Recipes

Here are 5 great, innovative ideas for transforming your bathing time into a full-fletched spa or skin enhancement session.

Each of these bathing recipes not only achieves a specific beautifying purpose, they are also 100% natural and environmentally friendly without using any synthetic chemicals.

Red Wine

Before you raise your eyebrows, this bath is a decadent a great treat for any skin type which has loads of skin softening ingredients.

The polyphenols in red wine have antioxidants while the tartaric acid in champagne softens your skin while eliminating discoloration as well as fine lines. Both red wine and champagne are wonderful options for cleansing pores too.

Wines and champagnes are your ideal natural homemade bubble bath solution if you’re looking to bathe quickly and still get the desired results.

How to take this bath: Pour a glass (or more) of red wine or champagne into your running bath. Soak for 20 minutes and feel fresh.

Milk and Honey

Does this find resonance with Cleopatra, the beautiful rule of Egypt? Yes, she was widely known for bathing in milk and honey. Bathing using milk and honey will make you forget about homemade bath salts without epsom salt, which is great too.

Bathing in milk and honey is a fantastic way to get soft, supple skin. Milk’s lactic acid is a good exfoliating agent whereas there is hardly a better thing than honey, which softens and moisturizes your body.

Make sure that you use only pure honey and powdered or full-fat milk, which will exfoliate and moisturize your skin.

How to bathe: Pour 1-2 cups of milk and 1/2 cup of honey under warm water. Swish around to rub on your body, soaking in the pleasurable sensation imparted by this lovely mixture. Repeat as necessary and take your time doing this bath.

Herbal Bath

Relaxing Bath Additives
Homemade Relaxing Bath

Speak of herbal baths and a million possibilities conjure up, raking up therapeutic and cleansing ideas that you’d incorporate every single day of your life, only if you could have your way.

Well, that’s the good news; you can have your way with herbal baths because there are scores of ways of mixing and matching a plethora of nourishing herbs that can blend beautifully with essential oils and your bathing water.

Make Your Own Bath Bombs without Citric Acid

Before you contemplate thronging to your nearby shop to scout for those difficult sounding- herbs containing the much-talked about citric acid which make your feel-good bath completely life-transforming, wait on.

You already have great options right in your kitchen cabinet waiting to be explored and used:

  • Sage: Calming, cleansing and astringent, which is absolutely fantastic those with acne problems or oily skins
  • Chamomile: They are great energizing bath additives for dry skin.
  • Rosemary: A great option for all skin types that also comprises of astringent.
  • Peppermint: Replenishes and soothes your skin cells.
  • Green Tea: An antioxidant and top-quality anti aging ingredient that is super beneficial for everybody.
  • Other herbs that can make for a great bath include rose petals, orange peels, lavender and candela.

How to do it:

While you could make little herbal bath bags, it is also a good idea to brew 1-2 cups of strong tea before a few hours of your planned bath. Use herbs, essential oils and other things you’re thinking of adding.

Add the mixture to this running bathwater and collect the rest of the brewed herbs in your washcloth. Gather this washcloth right at the top and then tie tightly using a hair tie or any robust material. After leaving it on in your bathtub for some time even as you start bathing, scrub your body properly.

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