Fall Makeup Trends

Fall Beauty Trends That Cannot Go Wrong

This fall, go bold, go stylish and rock your own world. Style Up!!

Fall can be a tricky season, you’re not sure if you will feel warm or cold. Here are a couple of tips to tackle this dilemma, and go out in flying shades in your zeal for trendy makeup looks!!!


Base Camp | No season for contours – A hit for all seasons

Well, forget the nude look for sure, go rosy or rouge or casual flirty and blush! Catchy phrase was all that was. But in all seriousness, use shades of pink on your cheeks instead of just contouring it with sober colors. It just takes a few dabs of pink on the top of your cheeks and that will make all the difference.

You can also use stronger shades of pink for trending makeup looks, like cherry or rouge and use lighter dabs. This will give your face the ripeness it needs. The best part of this is, you don’t need to develop a make-up-artist skill-set to achieve these looks. Just make use of the numerous tutorials you find online.

Real colors makeup: Smoldering eyes |Smokey lids

Having given your eyes a natural lift with your well-shaped eyebrows, all you need to do now is

Enhance the look projected in your eyes and try fall eye makeup tutorial. The smoky fall eye shadow look goes a long way, yes; but better still would be to give them a metallic hint. Normally one would think putting more and more layers on might overdo it, but why not contour your eyes and eye makeup colors?

Smokey Eye Makeup

It gives your best makeup look for fall a whole new spin to it. And don’t forget your lashes, either you’re lucky enough to have gorgeous lashes, or you just need to pop into the closest cosmetic store, pick up a set of thick luscious lashes, and paste them on! You’d match the leafy lush season you are dressing in tune with!

Dense eyebrows | Shapely

Popular icons like Gigi Hadid, Carla Delevingne and Lily Collins are all currently sporting this look which forms part of the most popular fall makeup trends.

This doesn’t go to say that you can leave your eyebrows grow and not tame them and have them look unkempt. No, that’s not stylish by a stretch. Keep your eyebrows thick and well-shaped. There are ways to makes scanty eyebrows thick as well, so don’t panic, just fill in some shape with a dark eye pencil and some eye shadow.

Red Luscious lips – Arguable one of the best fall makeup colors

As the title states, to go with your smoky metallic eyes and rich eyebrows, all you need to is choose one of two looks, go ruby red or brick red and be bold and vivacious. Or use a dark brown or purple shade and go elegant, bold and classy. Either way you’ll be making heads turn the minute anyone sets eyes on you!!!

Locks that flow | Braids | Subtle color 

As a side note I’m adding possible hairstyles to complete the look you want for the fall season.

A popular go-to move is the tousled looks. It doesn’t require much effort at all, simply get out of bed and ruffle up your hair a bit; run a comb through it at random places and you’re done. Or you could get it styled as such of you’re looking to get it professionally styled.

Fall Braids Trends

You could also braid your hair in the carious styles available on YouTube tutorials. Fishtail braidFrench braid, the waterfall braid, all beautiful renditions of the simple three section plait. All these are well recognized in the recent fashion & Make-up trends.

Among other options are to get a chic haircut with a fringe, bangs, or one-side shave if you are the adventurous type of gal! Accessorizing on top of all this is also a very smart way to get your style noticed!

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