Summer Lip Gloss Shades That Accentuate Your Skin Tone

Exuberant Summer Lip Gloss Shades That Accentuate Your Skin Tone

There is something distinctly charming about the summer that inspires everything bright and shimmering within us.After all, it is during the warmer months that you generally find yourself working out extensively to shed off those excess pounds (followed by cloths on the beach) while experimenting with a wide array of bight, casual and glittery colors to spice up your sun-kissed look.

Lip Glosses- An alternative for Lip sticks

It is also that time of the year when you are perennially confused about which celebrity-inspired lip glosses or lip stick to embellish your beautifully pouted lips. Apart from being affordable and easy-to-use, the other great thing about lip glosses is that they are an ideal substitute for lip sticks which can get quite messy during the scorching warm climate.

One of the most sought after makeup accessory explored in beauty & fashion magazines, thin lip enhancing lip gloss adds texture and lustre to your beautifully pouted lips. It is especially popular among teens who find the tube-shaped lip gloss a very convenient mode to add style and suave subtlety to their lips without trying to make things look artificial.

While it is difficult to narrow down your lip gloss preference from an insanely large assortment of collections, there are a few color choices that every fashion-loving sophisticated woman must not miss out on.

Lip Gloss Shades for Summer

Ever thought of experimenting with colors other than red and pink but simply didn’t have the courage? If so, it’s probably about time you packed off your inhibitions out of your life. Remember, summer allows you to get away with fashion choices that are otherwise considered to be cold and daring in spring, fall and winter; so might as well take advantage of it!

Before zeroing on a selection, ensure that you choose non sticky lip glosses for obvious reasons. After all, you don’t want to select something that’s grossly buttery which feels as if you’ve practically had your lips glued by a shiny creature.

Sweat is a clear and present danger during summers, so factor that consideration as well before making a selection.

Lip gloss color shades

With regard to shimmer, it’s all about doing a balancing act while trying out different hues, which brings us to the next important factor: good color choices for summer!

  • Pomegranate: You are simply going to love those classy pomegranate influences on your lips which lends glossiness and smoothness at the same time. Just make sure you don’t eat it all because they taste so good. Oh yes, lip plumping lip glosses work well; very well indeed.
  • Baby pink: Pink symbolizes the feminine qualities within you; and baby pink does full justice to its name by discovering the mischievous babe in you! Baby pink lip glosses in medium shades make your lips look incredibly sensual and pretty, giving rush lip gloss colors from Victoria’s Secret a good run for its money! If you’ve tanned your skin a bit too much for your liking, try using these very shades on your cheek to look stunning if you don’t have lip pink naturally.
  • Peach: A superb choice for those who’re tired of trying out different shades of pink; peachy lip glosses with coral influences are just the kind of embellishment your lips will thank you for.
  • Darkish Brown: If you’re looking for a shade that will look good on just about any skin tone and champagne colored attires, go for those delicious golden brown hues without thinking twice.Some of these candy gloss tubes also have a pinkish/collar tinge with raspberry flavors that lend variety to your beautiful feminine charm and make men dance to your tubes…oops tunes! Do refrain from going too dark though, as that could be counterproductive.
  • Nudes: No, it’s not about leaving your lips untouched. It’s about using neutral hues that complement your elusive casual bohemian attitude. While using these shades, ensure that they are complemented by your eye and facial makeup thanks to their natural brown tone.
  • Purples: In case you’re curiously seeking long lasting clear lip gloss that are not swayed by scorching hot summers, go for sexy purple hues that tone your natural lip shades gracefully.

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