Easy Makeup Tips and Tricks for Teenagers

Easy Makeup Tips and Tricks for Teenagers

During one’s teens, everything must be experimented with–one’s looks, clothes, personal style–you name it. Perhaps you too are in your teens and want to look pretty without looking too made up but don’t know how to get that perfect look. How to apply makeup for teenagers may not be as daunting as it seems now. Here’s a little help and some teenage girl makeup tips that can teach you to do your makeup

Cut out the heavy foundation

First and foremost, at your age, you don’t need to wear any foundation because you have naturally glowing skin, so you don’t need to conceal it with anything. So, cut out the foundation. The best makeup for teenage skin is to stay as close to being natural as possible.

If you feel you can learn the tricks of applying foundation better by watching a video, here are a few tutorials that can teach you a thing or two:

  • Updated! Flawless Foundation Tutorial
  • Basics: Primer, Foundation, & Concealer Tutorials
  • 4 Tips for Flawless Foundation


  • Use a tinted moisturizer or a lightweight foundation that gives you a fresh complexion and natural look.
  • Use mineral powder foundation by lightly dusting it over your face to cover any skin blemishes.

Hide your skin blemishes with concealer

Assuming that you have some skin discoloration or acne that you would love to hide from the world, try achieving this with concealer and follow makeup tips for acne scar . This will give the effect of a smooth complexion–just what you’re dreaming of.

Check out these makeup tutorials for teenagers and learn how to use concealer and much more:

  • Quick School Makeup
  • Kim Kardashian Makeup-Concealer/Foundation Tutorial


  • Use a concealer brush to hide your blemishes.
  • Ensure that the concealer is a shade darker than your complexion and blot it on your zits.

Your daytime makeup should be minimal

Teenagers Makeup
Makeup for Teenagers

You may want to look your best always or you may be going someplace that demands that you look really good, but daytime makeup shouldn’t be heavy. For the day, wear simple teenagers makeup comprising mascara, concealer,gloss and add nail polish colors for teenagers in your kit.

Check out these tutorials to learn how to keep your look simple right through the day:

  • Simple Daytime Makeup Tutorial
  • Easy Daytime Makeup: The Foolproof Tutorial For A Day Look
  • Daytime Eye Makeup Tutorial


  • Look your age by wearing some light blush and tinted lip gloss.
  • Wear your hair loose or in a ponytail that looks easy, yet effectual.

Look flawless with light eye makeup

If you want to have the best teenage makeup looks, ensure that you wear yours light. So, choose lighter colors which go with any eye color and please, don’t do any heavy eye makeup. You’re still too young for that.

True, it takes a lot of practice and experience before you have a steady hand for eye makeup. The time to develop that is now, so start now and learn how best you can wear eye makeup and have good teenage makeup looks. These tutorials will teach you how:

  • Simple Eye shadow Makeup Tutorial
  • SUPER Easy Makeup for Teens!


  • Trace a line of eyeliner on your bottom lashes. By adding a spot of colored eyeliner, your eyes stand out.
  • If you aren’t wearing lipstick, go for a dark gray so you have a smoky eye effect.

No matter which feature of your face you want to highlight or play down, here are the best teenage makeup products you can benefit from: MAC’s Carbon Eye Shadow in Intense Black (Matte), Maybelline New York Great Lash and MAC’s Select Cover-up.

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