Home Remedies To Whiten Teeth at Home Naturally

Easy Home Remedies To Whiten Teeth at Home Naturally

Smile is one of the most prominent features about your face. A sparkling smile makes even the most ordinary lookers drown out the crowd. By the same token, brazenly revealing your stain-ridden yellow teeth is not the greatest way to create a first impression, regardless of how attractive your personality is. Harsh as it may sound, you are also unlikely to be invited to too many parties or gatherings by any of your friends! Beauty is after all skin deep and we’ve got to learn with the reality.

Thankfully, it is not very difficult to get healthier, cleaner and whiter teeth and that too, using nothing more than your grandma’s home remedies! Believe it or not, there could be more than a few effective tooth whiteners within the premise of your own home waiting to embellish your teeth.

Natural Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

The good thing about these best natural teeth whitening methods is that are practically bereft of any side effects that are commonly associated with creams, teeth treatments, and bleaches. Here are three such fast teeth whitening tricks (yes they are actually lesser known tricks) that would enable you to achieve your elusive dream of obtaining celebrity-like glistening teeth.


Whiten Teeth at Home Naturally
Whiten Teeth at Home

Whoever said that sweet things can never be good for your teeth was totally wrong! Strawberries are replete with efficient tooth whitening ingredients that can actually whiten your teeth over a period of time. You can rub them all over your teeth or brush gently on the troubled areas. Having said that, don’t forget to brush your teeth immediately after applying them because strawberries contain the much talked about fructose, which is hazardous for dental health.

#Hydrogen Peroxide

It is one of the most common natural remedies for yellow, unhealthy teeth. Although a hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening solution may trigger momentary periods of burning sensation in your mouth, it is definitely worth the trouble because of its long-term benefits. Regular use of peroxide in conjunction with table salt and baking soda is known to have a wonderful impact on your oral health.

If you’re averse to using salt, then merely brushing your teeth wish some hydrogen peroxide solution would do you no harm whatsoever.

#Baking Soda

It is one of the safest ingredients for teeth whitening with no or very little side effects. Mix one teaspoon of baking soda with a pinch of salt and apply on your teeth everyday in the morning. Follow it up with regular brushing. The best part about baking soda is is that you can sprinkle it on your everyday toothpaste and brush as usual.

Use any of the three home remedies to get sparkling white clean teeth. Just one word of caution: If you are allergic to any of these remedies, stop using them immediately and consult a dentist. You wouldn’t want to cause damage to your teeth by relying on self-knowledge, rather than expert advice. Also, you’d do well to go through as many home tooth whitening system reviews both on the web and elsewhere to know what really works and what doesn’t.

Remember your dental health always takes precedence over your desire to get shining white teeth, so use plenty of discretion.

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