I Learned How to Dress for Success – And So Can You!

Clothes make the man ‒this is probably the most accurate sentence ever said. No matter how difficult it may seem to adjust to a shirt, a pair of cigarette pants and high heels, chasing the career of a businesswoman requires a certain dress code you must accept. Going from a casual outfit including jeans, sneakers, miniskirts, t-shirts and numerous piercings, to a serious business outfit where no extreme physical appearance is allowed seemed as a major challenge at the beginning, but soon it became a great lifestyle.

The Right Wardrobe

Saying goodbye to my favorite pair of ripped jeans and a crop top as a part of the office outfit was a difficult, yet necessary step on my way to a corporate look. However, replacing them with a black pencil skirt and a pair of black pumps felt amazing.


The chic and stylish look that I’ve embraced by incorporating a white shirt into the entire ensemble made me feel really professional. Additionally, I looked more serious and trustworthy to my bosses and our clients.



Once you put on a pair of black cigarette trousers and a nude silk blouse matched with nude pumps and cover the shoulders with a blazer, you start feeling as a true businesswoman.


Another fabulous piece of clothing I fell in love with is a pair of Capri pants.T-strap Rockstud pumps, a fashionable blouse and a blazer is all you need for another day in the office.


You can’t have a fashionable outfit without some statement jewellery. Bangle bracelets fit perfectly into a business outfit. I like to match them with a ¾ sleeve silky blouse to add just the right amount of chic to it. A statement necklace will turn otherwise plain outfit into a fabulous ensemble. Depending on the neckline and the embellishments on shirts and blouses, I like to wear both short and long necklaces, paired with small earrings. The main thing to think about is not to ever look too flashy, but elegant and stylish. Not only does an outfit need a piece of jewellery to be complete, but a fashionable bag as well. What’s the better way to spice up the wardrobe than to incorporate a designer’s bag into it?

Makeup is another important factor when considering the business look. I’ve given up black eyeliner smudged in the corner of my eyes, and a ton of blush I used to wear regularly and went for a more natural look. The less make up, the better. All I need now is a bit of foundation, a blush for the rosy cheeks, mascara to plump up the lashes a bit, and a mauve lipstick for a flawless natural look.

Self-Esteem Is Crucial


You could wear the most fashionable and expensive clothes in the world, but if you don’t believe in yourself and that you’ll succeed, everything is in vain. Since I loved piercings and had a couple of ones in both of my ears, one of them caused my ear lobe to deform, which made me very insecure about my physical appearance. Thanks to Dr Tony Prochazka,I had a successful earlobe surgery that gave me the perfect ear and boosted my self-esteem. Even though some people look down on plastic surgery, it’s really a great way to stop feeling insecure about your looks. The only thing to have in mind is not to go too far with it.


Working in a serious company requires a dress code that won’t always be comfortable, but that will help you go a long way. Switching a casual outfit for a business one was a difficult but a worthwhile challenge. It made me feel like a true professional, and helped me advance in my career.

P.S. This is a Guest Post.

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