Choosing Ideal Hair Color Matching Skin Tone

Its not rocket science that it is easier to change your hair color than changing your natural skin tone because that is what defines your outwardly appearance. Your skin tone is going to be what you were born with, so it only makes sense to be friends with, and work everything else around it.

For instance, your decision to opt for any hair color (good, bad, preposterous) must be influenced by your natural skin tone. It is for this reason that your hair color should accentuate your complexion, not override it.

Hair Color Trends and Styles: Not a factor to consider

Flabbergasted by the spunky hair color done by your best friend or your worst rival in the college? Think there can be no better hair color than that because it can apparently make your skin tone glitter like gold? Guess what, think again!

Merely because a particular hair color looks good on a celebrity doesn’t mean it will look good on you as well. You are the best judge of what your skin type is made up of, so never lose cognizance of it. Extreme hair color ideas are to be used only rarely.

Understand what colors would accentuate or complement your complexion and stick to them. Try not to experiment too much with other hues unless you have a penchant for being daring and neglected hair care.

How do I determine my skin tone?

That’s a good question. Better news is that it’s very easy to find out what type of skin tone you were born with.

The easiest method to determine that is to use the vein method. All you need to do is to carefully observe the veins located on the inside part of your wrist. If they appear greenish, you have a warm skin tone; if your veins look blue, you are cool toned.

Another useful way of finding that out it to understand the colors that looks good on you.

For example, if you are warm toned (yellow or light golden), you are likely to look better in shades of off-white, orange, gold, or brown. On the other hand, a cool toned (blue or pink) skin tends to look brighter in black, solver, blue or white.

Hair Color Matching Skin
Hair Color Matching Skin Tone

Scratching your head still and unclear what warm and cool tones imply for your hair color selection? natural hair coloring options can be confusing at times, so your confusion is natural.

Don’t worry; just remember that cool colors go with a cool tone while warm colors look good on warm tones. This rule is also applicable to accessories, make-up, and clothing, ensure that you take appropriate choices.

Now that you are aware of your natural skin tone is, go ahead and make sure that the hair colors match your skin tone.

Cool skin tones go nicely with these choices:

  • Black
  • Platinum
  • Ash brown
  • Icy or creamy white
  • Mink blond

In case you choose highlights, make sure you choose colors like ash, honey, wheat or taupe if you follow proper hair care routine. Any exotic color will do here because a cool skin tone looks good with such choices. Other options include bright red, purple, pink or burgundy.

Colors to avoid

By the same token, there are certain colors that are to be avoided for cool toned folks who’ve tried all DIY Hair Coloring Tips. These are:

  • Blonde or yellow
  • Bronze or red
  • Golden blonde

Warm Tones

Warm skin tones have their task cut out because they essentially need to go along with golden varieties such as:

  • Golden auburn
  • Golden brown
  • Chestnut
  • Golden blonde
  • Any shade of brown

Avoid the following hues:

  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue

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