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Bodybuilding for Dummies

What does it take to become a bodybuilder? A set of weights or a gym membership card and a strong will. Yes, both ways are perfectly legitimate but if you start completely unprepared negative consequences are very likely, from injuries due to improper workout, to disappointing results due to poor nutrition.


Bear in mind that your entire body is the subject here, with as many as 620 skeletal muscles in it, and that building it is a serious process that should not be taken easily. These are the things you should focus on before and during your bodybuilding activities.

Start gradually
Going beyond your limitations often proves to be counterproductive. Bodybuilding is a compound word and both components are equally important. Bodybuilding takes time and putting too much pressure on your body all at once will eventually make it collapse and certainly will not result in a beautiful construction, which surely is one of the primary reasons you are interested in bodybuilding in the first place. Therefore, start gradually with simple exercises and smaller weights and work your way upwards.

Have a plan and stick to it
gym plan

Always bear in mind that bodybuilding is a serious process. And as such, it requires following a detailed plan, if you want to succeed. The plan will prevent you from feeling lost, which is a common problem for many beginners. It should also keep you motivated, as well. Naturally, you will start with a beginners plan and gradually progress to the more challenging ones. Remember, follow each of the plans meticulously and never move onto the next plan if you have not completed the current one.

Compound movements
Of all the movements that are made during the exercise only 20 percent bring results. In order to improve the efficiency of these 20 percent it is essential that the movements made and the exercises done are compound. What this means is that multiple muscles should be targeted within every individual exercise, instead of concentrating on a single muscle group. This will also induce a better hormonal response and provide longer lasting effects.

All fitness and bodybuilding experts and professional practitioners are unanimous in saying that nutrition is, if not more, then equally important for efficient and long-lasting body shaping as proper exercise.


A well balanced diet will prepare your body for the changes that are coming, help it go through all of them unharmed, contribute to their extent and ensure they’re there to stay.

Self-motivation is another important element for long term bodybuilding practice. Monitor and write down your successes. For example, the number of repetitions, the weight loss or loads lifted. Watch your body getting into better shape with every day that passes. If you are a man and have body hair, use the competitive bodybuilder’s trick and do a full hair removal for men. Muscles are significantly more prominent on a hairless body and you will be more pleased and motivated by the results and also be able to better pinpoint the areas that need further improvement.

Routine but fun
Your workout plan and the diet changes need to go hand in hand. Unless you win the lottery this means is that you will need to turn them into a routine and fit it in your everyday activities. The most efficient manner of doing this is to prepare your meals a day in advance and go to your workout fully prepared. Also, make sure you include days off when you plan your workout routine. They are necessary in order to let your body recuperate.Don’t neglect your out-of-the-gym activities and avoid the trap of making every day look the same. Remember, bodybuilding should be both healthy and fun.

Every beginning is hard. Implementing these suggestions will help you get over the initial issues, as well as set you on the right bodybuilding path. Once you have everything under control, the entrance into the world of bodybuilding will be fully opened and it is only up to you to decide where it ends.

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