Makeup Brushes to Buy

Best Professional Makeup Brushes to Buy

We are almost always reluctant to step out of the house without applying makeup and doing our bit to look good. However, for the proper application and impact of makeup cosmetics and for the final touch ups, we need a helper that accentuates the final look and need to learn how to use a makeup brush. And that reliable helper is your underrated makeup brush which rarely gets the credit it deserves.


Whether it is the matter of rosy cheeks, smoky eyes or an ever-glowing face, the one thing you need is professional makeup brushes to make it perfect.

Now the next logical question to ask is how to apply makeup with a brush and if about the type of brush one needs and how one can select the optimum one. Here comes the answer that most of you have been seeking with bated breath.

Good Makeup Brushes:

There are many categories of efficient makeup brushes; however, there are few qualities of a quintessential good makeup brushes which makes it stand from the mob.

While buying the high quality makeup brush, there are three most important things you should always look out for – the handle, the ferrule and the hair.


Hairs are the most important part of the makeup brush as it forms the primary aspect of the brush’s usage. The hairs used in brushes are of two types: Synthetic and animal hairs. Animal hair brushes are generally costlier and generally entail a very fine quality. On the other hand, synthetic haired brushes are also pretty good but you need to double-check for their quality.


Ferrule is that part of the brush which binds the hairs and the tail of the brush together. Brass material ferrules are typically the strongest, so you may not want to opt for aluminum as they are inherently weak. You may want to go for brass seamless ferrules as a thumb rule.


Good Makeup Brushes

Select the handle depending upon the extent of your use and the range of comfort you are seeking. You can usually pick any type, ranging from wood to plastic.

Best Makeup Brushes To Buy Online: Important traits

  • For the highlighter and face power, always prefer a foundation makeup brush which is thick and soft head or a sponge brush that is easy to manoeuvre and apply. Look for options for air brush makeup that are easily available online at an affordable price and make sure you read as many reviews beforehand as you possibly can.
  • You can also go for some well-known brush sets that help you retain a comprehensive makeup up repertoire. There are some reliable and popular brush sets, face makeup brush and professional makeup brush brands available online, including Kevyn Aucoin Beauty, Sigma Essential Kit, Wayne Goss and many more.
  • In order to blend the concealer, you need the type of brush that has a smooth and natural feel to it and is not abrasive. Going for a fancy-looking brush that has caught the attention of the crowd might not be the best criteria to bow down before, if it simply does not feel right for your skin-type.

Eye Shadow Brushes You Need:

Eyes are arguably the most beautiful part of your face that gets prominently noticed right at the onset. These days, there is a growing trend for undertaking makeup tips to aesthetically transform smaller eyes and dull-looking eyes into brighter and daring ones.

For a clean application of eye shadow, you need to use a toned brush to avoid the irritating feel of smudges.

Best Eye Shadow Brush: What you need to know

The best eye shadow brushes available out there are not that difficult to find, nor do they need to dismantle your budgetary planning.

Best Eyeshadow Brush

If you wish to know as to why you should own at least a few different eye shadow brushes and best makeup brush set brands, here are some pointers. To begin with, if you’re one of those who have made innocuous attempts at using the applicators that are a part of most eye-shadow cases, you would already know about their futility.

The applicators are simply unable to meet your requirements unlike brushes which make it an absolute pleasure to own an eye-shadow.

However, the best ones like best travel makeup brush set that are needed to attain the bewilderingly beautiful look on celebs and fashion icons entail some background research on your part. The idea is to revamp your eye-care routine with an eye shadow brush that captures and brings to life, your beautiful imaginative notions about the essence of makeup.


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