Best Home Remedies for Pre Bridal Skin Care

Brides are the show stoppers in a wedding, but few people are able to fathom the kind of stress levels a bride goes through to maintain and accentuate her look.

With all the guests around and the number of functions that precede or succeed a wedding, it is not uncommon for brides to miss out on certain key aspects of their appearance.

In order to avoid frantic visits to a beautician every now and then, it’s better to explore and work out small homely remedies that give you bundles of time to enjoy your marriage.

Several remedies lie in our home, for our daily use. While it’s interesting to know few things about your skin, you may also find yourself glowing from inside.

Bridal Skin Care Preparation:

  1. Know your skin type – oily or dry
  1. Your diet
  1. Your sleeping hours
  1. Your fitness routine

Bridal Skin Care at Home:

Many home remedies play different roles in counseling your skin to glow on your memorable day.

Home remedies are very advantageous as they are natural and healthy for your beautiful skin.

All these remedies can be followed on a daily basis impacting your skin to respond lively.

Before finding some tips for a beautiful skin, it’s important to understand your skin’s needs

1. Understanding the essence of bridal skin care tips.

Some have oily skin and some dry, which in turn changes the type of home remedy that is suitable for the bride.

2. Oily skin home remedies for the beautiful brides: for routine skincare.

Oily skins are difficult to manage and on days of marriage it’s more stressful, so to solve this problem there is no need to go for heavy chemical- based skin products.

It’s usually a simple task by using some home remedy techniques for oily skin that can bring back the glow of the bride’s skin.

Pre-bridal Skin Care Home Remedies

bridal skin care at home

There are a number of easy to follow some home remedies that can be used by anyone. Here are some preparation tips.

1. Egg whites:

Toning and lightening of the bride skin are utmost important, that can achieved by

  • Twice a week wipe egg white on the face until its stiff, which has to be washed later by warm water.
  • To soak up the excess oil, mix one egg white with half a lemon juice and apply, washing it with warm water after 15 min leaves your skin tighten.

2. Apples :

They are a great home remedy for oily skin, and acts a exfoliating agent and also mild antiseptic, astringent, which is soothing in nature.

  • Peel the apple and place the shreds on the skin for 15min and wash with tepid water.

3. Tomatoes:

The vitamin C content in tomatoes helps in healing acne prone skin and the oil absorbing acids help remove the oil from the skin.

tomatoes for skin

  • Half cut pieces of tomatoes are to be applied on the skin to let the juice retain for 15 min.
  • Wash it with cold water to impart a real cooling effect to the bride.

4. Lemon juice:

Holds the source of citric acid that acts as astringent while balancing the skin’s ph level with its property of antiseptic.

It’s unique in lightening the skin discolorations.

  • Apply one teaspoon of lemon juice mixed with half teaspoon of distilled water, leave on ten min and wash with warm water.
  • Apply an oil free moisturizer afterwards as the lemon totally dry’s your skin out.

Thus following steps will enhance the beauty of the bride on the auspicious day of her marriage.

Pre Bridal Skin Care Routine:

In order to sustain a soft, glowing look, here are some of the best skin home remedies help the bride contain enough moisture to retain her youthful look.

1. Honey :

It’s an anti bacterial, antioxidant and humectant. By locking the moisture internally, it makes the skin smoother and softer.

  • Before taking bath, rub it all over the body and leave for ten minutes after which, give it a thorough wash.

2. Olive oil:

It has many antioxidants and fatty acids which moisture the skin

Mix 2 table spoons of olive oil with 4 spoons fine brown sugar and one spoon of honey then rub this homemade scrub on your skin lightly for few minutes and then wash it off.

There are lots of other remedies that help the bride’s skin sustain any conditions.

Pre Bridal Tips for Glowing Skin:

1. Take care of pimples:

An amazingly efficient treatment to cure acne and pimples is by using the wonderful traditional home remedy – antiseptic turmeric powder.

The ingredients are as follows –

  • One table spoon of turmeric powder
  • One table spoon of sandal wood powder
  • Add 2 spoons of rose water
  • Apply it as a pack and leave it for 20 min two times a week.

2. Remove your tan with yogurt:

Using an efficient tan removing agent just before the day of your wedding is sure to make heads turn on your special day.

To attain that look, you need

  • One table spoon of yogurt
  • One tablespoon of lime juice
  • Half a table spoon of honey

Mix these ingredients well and apply on the hand, face and body for 20 min before washing it off.

3. Straw beery juice for shiny eyes

Strawberry for Eyes

Using this method, brides can brighten their eyes safely and bring about a special glow.

Eyes are an important component in enhancing your overall look, so do pay a lot of attention to them.

To use this pack, you need –

  • Strawberry paste
  • 1 table spoon of olive oil and 2 table spoons of honey
  • Apply it on the face and around the eye area, leaving it for ten minutes
  • Washing off gives with lukewarm water helps removes the dead cells.

Last but not the least is the glowing technique of avocado that brides would love to try out.

The ingredients are as follows:

  • Ripe avocado with spoon of yogurt
  • Few drops of lemon juice

Mix them well, apply on the face gently and wash it off with cold water.

Using this technique leaves the bride’s face glowing and lovely.

Pre Bridal Skincare Tips

Types of food you take:

Eating fruits like watermelon, kiwi and oranges that are rich in vitamin E augur well for your skin health. You can also include vegetables like tomato, sweet potato and spinach etc. to find a natural way to keep fit.

Food for skin

Drinking copious amounts of water also keeps your skin cells’ rigidity at bay, making the skin look brighter and fresher.


A good night’s sleep will certainly augment your energy levels while bringing freshness to your face. You need to have a good sleep every single day to keep your skin bouncing all the time.

Follow your daily routine:

Daily walks or those special yoga classes would also go a long way in decreasing the levels of hormonal stress to bring that magical smile back on your.

Giving yourself the best chance on your best day is something that you need and deserve.

Your elegance and poise complementing your glowing skin will surely make heads turn on that mot eventful day when you will be the most beautiful bride.

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