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Anti Aging Skincare that Actually Works for You

Gone are the days when beauty used to be more than skin deep. Those elusive days when the everlasting fountain of youth overflowed in abundance with no signs of waning or being charred. The days when the air was invigoratingly fresh and nutrition was replete with naturally nourishing ingredients. Even the graceful process of aging with time was accepted and encouraged with remarkable optimism, a trait that in itself was sufficient to even out saggy cheeks and noticeable wrinkles, even reversing sun damage.

Fast forward to the real world of reality when the facts of life sunk in almost suddenly and drove home the point those certain things were just meant to be. The reality that there is really no such thing as a magic wand that can make women reverse the signs of aging, without resorting to an onslaught of anti-aging products like gels, serums and creams which tend to cause more harm than good.

Anti aging skincare that really works

While it’s true that some of these anti-aging products do work effectively in certain age groups and predisposed conditions, the fact remains that most of them are nothing more noise-creating deceptions which also come with a price tag big enough to empty your pockets.

Thankfully, the era of discernment has descended on millions of women worldwide who are now better equipped than ever before and know how anti aging skincare that actually works for them. They know how to separate good anti-aging ideas from bad ones, having been there and done that many times over. They also know that when it comes to making attempts to turn back the clock, the most expensive products are not necessarily the best.

However, the downside to this is the sheer range of useful anti-aging products, which can leave a lot of us bewildered and confused. Let’s face it, all of them promise the moon, but only a handful of them are actually able to deliver the results in a sustainable manner.

Anti aging skincare for oily acne prone skin

Scouting for anti-aging skincare products can be particularly challenging if you are confronted with the problem of an oily and acne-laden skin. It is not easy to combat wrinkles and acne at the same time without imparting a dry feel to your skin, which can only make matters worse. Therefore, it is imperative that you chalk out a workable strategy to deal with both situations simultaneously.

Select an acne-beating moisturizer and sunscreen product: Regardless of your skin type, most dermatologists agree that a moisturizer and sunscreen lotion are two of the most crucial anti-aging skincare products you can invest in. You need to make use of them every single day to be able to see a difference.

While selecting for a sunscreen lotion, you may want to ensure that it is water resistance and has a SPF of 30 or higher. The next thing to look for is an anti-aging moisturizer that is both mild and efficient for oily skin. Also, not many are aware that safeguarding your skin from sun damage can help you fight breakouts as well. By taking preventive measures against sun damage, you’re allowing the innate immunity of your skin to tackle breakouts.

Use a good cleanser: This is an extremely important step for all healthy enthusiasts, especially those who are eyeing anti aging skincare for 30s. This is because the last thing that acne needs is a dry cleanser that makes your face drier. At the same time, you may want to be wary of using a rich cleansing lotion simply because you are noticing signs of aging like wrinkles and furry lines.

Indiscreet usage of such products can worsen your breakouts and block the pores severely. The way to go about dealing with such a situation is to use a water-soluble cleaner that contains soothingly mild ingredients. At nights, ensure that you take of all your makeup to give your skin some much-deserved rest. Doing simple things like will make a great difference to your skin quality.

Exfoliator: Exfoliating your face with a BHA (beta-hydroxy acid) product is another very important step to combat the initial onset of wrinkles and breakouts. Not only does BHA exfoliate the skin’s outer surface as well as internally where the formation of clogs is most important, it also augments the production of collagen, which in turn leads to a younger and brighter looking skin.

Make no mistake; missing out on exfoliating can actually be the difference between success and failure while following an anti-aging skincare routine. In case the breakout is rather severe, treat them using a product that contains benzoyl peroxide after applying a BHA exfoliating cream or lotion. Doing so will make it easier for you to get rid of the bacteria that are primarily responsible or those inflammable wrinkles.

Anti aging skincare for 40s – Tips

When you are in your 40s, you need to ensure that each product that you buy, be it moisturizer, cleanser, toner or sunscreen lotion, is ideally suited for your skin type. Don’t be swayed by what you see on the television or hear from your beloved celebrities, and have the conviction to follow up on what you know is best for your skin health.

For instance, if you are planning a regimen for anti aging skincare for sensitive skin, then do a research based on that skin type and block out the rest. Make sure that you are able to see ‘for sensitive skin’ being labelled on the product you plan to buy. The bottom-line is that not every product works for everyone, so be brave enough to say no to even those products which catch your attention.

Tips on anti aging skincare for men and women

As a responsible man or woman who takes pride in taking the effort to look and feel their best, there are certain to-do things that you must consider.

To begin with, check if the product is hypoallergenic and can cause allergic reactions. Not doing the needful in this regard can cause unwanted health challenges. Furthermore, you may also want to ensure that the product is non-comedogenic in that it does not trigger acne.

Next, don’t be reluctant to try and experiment with a few products before you zero in on something that really suits you. While this process is time consuming, the rewards will more than make up for the time and efforts put into it. Give yourself about 2-3 months time to observe changes if any, and then come to a conclusion about sticking with something, or trying something else.

Finally, set realistic expectations and work on anti aging skincare that actually works for you. Chances are that any product which promises to make you look 10-15 years younger is misleading at best, because that is simply not possible. Any decent anti-aging product can only yield moderate results, that too after sustained usage and a disciplined lifestyle. Just because something has been clinically proven does not mean that it can do miracles single handedly.

Therefore, set goals that you feel most comfortable with and are in sync with your longer-term facial health objectives, even if that means taking a little while longer. Slow and steady does after all, win the race.

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