Beauty Meditation for Clear Skin

A Simple Beauty Meditation that will Make You Feel and Look Beautiful

If someone ever told you that meditation can actually enhance your physical attractiveness and beauty, chances are that you would laugh it off as a natural reaction to just another new beauty fad in the market, wouldn’t you?

Before you dismiss the idea completely, just think about how to have clear beautiful skin and tell yourself that I want beautiful skin.

Would you want to be blessed with a wrinkle-free skin that can make you look about 8-10 years younger and so magnetic from within that it invokes effortless compliments from just about everyone you meet?

Guess what! All you need is an open mind that can assimilate the surreal concept that there are certain forces, which when synthesized harmoniously, can go a long way in improving the way you look and some ways to make your skin glow.

Yes, that is the kind of flawlessly glowing and beautiful skin that can accompany (please note the emphasis on ‘can’) the other beneficial results of mindful and proper meditation practices. Forget about futility of going from one cosmetic product to another, all to no avail!

Let’s face it, nothing can be more natural and holistic than meditation itself, which is why it must be explored deeply and thoroughly for fructifying some of your physical endeavors.

How can meditation help you improve your facial beauty?

Nirvana MeditationMeditation is arguably one of the most therapeutic practices you can ever engage in that has the ability to completely revamp your inner and outer skin by transforming all your tissues. Believe it or not, the impact of consistent meditation is equivalent to an anti-aging product in efficacy because it rejuvenates your skin complexion and texture while cleansing it.

That being said, meditation is not a magic pill that will work in one shot. However, what it does for you is something far greater by establishing the edifice for your physical attraction that will inevitably also include your facial appearance.

How does meditation make your skin beautiful?

Here are secrets to beautiful skin. Meditation calms your mind in beautiful and natural ways, thus enabling your bodily vital energies to let go of harmful toxins and blossom wholesomely, akin to a fully developed beautiful flower.

These energies in turn nourish all the cells of your inner skin and make them replete with glow, freshness and vigor, almost inundating them with the essence of life.

For all practical purposes meditation does the following:

1. Unlocks the latent power of your subconscious mind

It is a well-known fact that your subconscious mind is many times more powerful than your conscious mind. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, we can unanimously agree with the fact that activating the force of our subconscious mind can unleash a lot of healthy energies within us. It is this unlimited prowess of the subconscious mind that you can direct to attain physical beauty (through visualization techniques), happiness, health and vitality.

2. Improves concentration

Consistent and mindful clear skin meditation can help you develop great concentration powers and accomplish seemingly challenging tasks. By doing so, the innate creative powers of your mind gets channeled in way that helps you manifest your desires tangibly while also lowering stress levels.

Inexorably, lower stress results ushers in a calm frame of mind regardless of external circumstances, which therefore makes it easier for you to get a radiating, glowing face.

3. Augments positive emotions

Meditation amplifies positive emotions such as happiness, respect and self-esteem. Almost universally, doctors concede that positive emotions are not entirely irrelevant in the context of secreting important hormones in the body.

Some studies have proved that positivity can make your glands function better and slow down the signs of ageing, whereas negative emotions such as hatred and jealousy can cause great harm to your mind and body and also accelerate the aging process.

Via controlled meditating beauty, it is possible to increase the quotient of positive emotions in your mind and fuel great physical changes within your body, which includes your facial appearance as well and teach you how to keep skin youthful.

A guided meditation and yoga for skin diseases to enhance your overall beauty

Yoga for Beautiful Skin


  • Come into a comfortable seated position and try and do your meditation thee daily without changing either the place or time. If you are unable to sir on a mat, feel free to sit down on the chair or in a crossed legged position. You can also rest your hips on a thin pillow if you experience any discomfort so as to ensure proper blood circulation.
  • Take a slow deep breath and follow it up by a slightly longer exhalation. Repeat this step 5-7 times. While exhaling, make sure to relax all your body parts consciously.
  • Now relax, close your eyes and observe your breathing closely until it becomes slow and deep.
  • Observe your thoughts until a point from where their frequency starts to reduce. Initially, you might be bombarded with a slew of unwanted thoughts. Do not resist these thoughts and let them bounce off your head calmly. Slowly but surely, your mind will eventually become.
  • Now is the time to speak to yourself a in slow, soothing tone. Utter positive and health-inducing words and keep them short. Bring about a smile on your face as if your desires or goals are already being fulfilled, making you satisfied and satiated. For instance, you can choose to say words like ‘My skin is beautiful and youthful’ or I am powerful enough to create thoughts that will make me long younger and healthier’.
  • See to it that these positive utterances are accompanied by happy emotions and images of your appearance turning beautiful.

Using this prototype of beauty meditation, you can actually program yourself to feel and look beautiful. This is an incredibly simple yet efficient meditation that will make you feel contended and happy from within, without having to rely on external factors.

Empower yourself and make a firm resolution to incorporate meditation in your daily routine and make a practical difference to your facial and physical health.

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