Winter Hair Care Tips

8 Winter Hair Care Hacks for Any Type of Hair

Winters may be wonderful for everything else but not for your hair. The cold winds blowing make your otherwise soft and gentle hair absolutely frizzy and dries it up too, sapping its natural moisture.

So, it pays to take special care of your hair in the winter and learn how to take care of natural hair in winter. Here are a few ways and winter hair care hacks for any type of hair to give you a lustrous mane:

1. Use good quality products

Not just in the winter but right through the year you should ensure that you use only good quality products for your hair. Don’t be swept away by adverts that promise to give your hair a better look, feel or texture. They might just damage your otherwise thick mop of hair. Instead, continue to use the products that have proven to be good for your hair, especially if you have dry damaged hair that may split or break easily.

2. Condition your hair regularly

Cold weather can dry your hair, leaving it with little or no moisture. Winters are known to cause hair to break easily, so avoid this by conditioning your hair regularly using an intensive conditioner. Your hair will turn shiny and you will be proud of it.

3. Keep away from a clarifying shampoo

Winter is the time you should avoid using any products that encourage build-up in your hair. So, avoid products that contain silicone derivatives as they can be very difficult to remove from our hair, apart from which they are known to dry your hair and rid it of essential oils that would otherwise protect it during harsh winter months. Look for best shampoo for winter hair which suits you with no damage.

 4. Keep chemicals at bay

During the winter, don’t use peroxide-containing color or perms. Instead, opt for highlights or low lights to certain strands of your hair for an extra glow. Try winter frizzy hair remedies at home as they are chemical free and have no side effects.

5. Trim your hair periodically

There are many solid benefits to trimming your hair every few months for winter hair styles. First, it gets rid of split ends and keeps your hair shiny and thick. It also helps improve the quality of hair growth and gets rid of damaged hair.

6. Static in your hair? Get rid of it

Winter produces static electricity in your hair because your scalp dries out and so have fewer oils to nourish your hair. You can remedy this situation by using conditioner or combing some Vitamin E into your hair at bedtime to replace the required amount of moisture. Get a good moisturizer for natural hair in winter.

You can also change your brush by using one with natural bristles that will help to reallocate natural oils from the scalp to the hair and allow less static electricity to occur. By wearing cotton hats that conduct negligible static electricity, your hair will be in better shape.

7. Oil your hair occasionally

Hair Oil in Winter

Your scalp is the barometer of the state of your hair, so during the winters, ensure that you go all out to pamper it so it doesn’t dry out. You might like to choose among coconut, almond or argan oil for a weekly head massage. These oils stimulate your scalp and hair roots to grow thick and healthy shafts of hair. Oiling also improves blood circulation in the scalp, which will ensure that this area receives the necessary nutrients to give you a good head of hair.

8. Wash your hair with tepid water

While following winter hair care routine, always use tepid water to wash your hair, whatever the season. If you use very hot water, it will frizz your hair and make it unmanageable. You can also protect your hair in the winter by reducing the number of hair washes you have.

Try winter hair care hacks for any type of hair with best winter natural hair care regimen for maximum benefits and protect your natural hair in winter easily.

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