Mineral Powder Foundation for Dry Skin

8 Tips For Mineral Powder Foundation for Dry Skin

Powered foundations and liquid foundations; it’s time to make way for probably the biggest development in the field of makeup over the past decade or so- Mineral powder foundations.

Minerals Foundation Makeup Forever

Mineral foundation has become increasing popular among millions of women worldwide because of its ability to impart a clean, natural look on your face although you might want to explore other options if you’re planning to use them to camouflage your wrinkles. So what makes mineral foundations, which made their presence felt back in the 19070s, so special and endearing?

Firstly, we’ve got to understand what a mineral foundation means in the first place. Well thankfully, it shouldn’t take a rocket scientific to figure out its meaning. As the name suggests, it’s simply a foundation made up of minerals such as zinc, magnesium, titanium oxide, mica, etc.

Interestingly, not every product that claims to have everyday minerals foundation ingredients is natural because these products can very much include chemicals, preservatives and harmful non-mineral ingredients like bismuth oxycholoride which can trigger a whole lot of skin rashes, irritation and blemishes. So before selecting one, do exercise discretion.

Mineral Powder Foundation Benefits for Dry Skin

After doing your homework, if you have been able to locate some natural mineral foundation then pat yourself on the pack because these interesting powers can do a great job for your skin by evening out your complexion, regardless of what it is.

Secondly, natural minerals lend a nourishing, soothing impact on your skin that makes it look fresher and glossier. Another useful attribute associated with mineral powder foundations is the lack of water content, which practically rules out the scope for bacterial growth in any shape or form.

Foundation for Dry Skin
Mineral Powder Foundation

Finally, a mineral powder foundation is a great antidote for a dry skin. Now that is certainly a surprise package especially because conventional logic would make you inclined towards liquid foundations which would supposedly hydrate your flaky skin to good effect.

However, not many know that liquid foundation actually worsens the problem by clinging to the skin and disturbing your natural skin texture. In contrast, the best mineral powder foundation for dry skin makes your flaky skin fall in line with the rest of your skin, lending an airbrush like impact.

Tips for Applying Mineral Powder Foundation to Dry Skin

Here are some proven methods of using mineral makeup appropriately to obtain that Vermeer painting-like look on your face:

  • Before applying any mineral powder, you first need to prepare your skin in advance by exfoliating any dead skills on the surface to make your skin soft and smooth. Not doing that can cause the powder to cling on your skin, much like liquid foundations.
  • Once exfoliation is done with, you may now want to smoothen your face further by applying a few drops of mild, organic moisturizer on your skin. Make sure you rub evenly in a circular pattern, especially if you’re prone to developing flakes and cracks.If you don’t have one, you can make your own homemade moisturizer using ingredients like raw shea butter, honey, unrefined coconut oil; organic argan oil, and grapeseed oil.
  • After moisturizing your skin with an organic product, you can explore the possibility o using a sunscreen lotion although that’s optional. This is because a number of these mineral powders contain zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which are natural SPF agents. So that’s another piece of advantage which we missed out on!
  • After having completed the above steps, the next thing to do is to apply a concealer carefully to hide dark patches/circles around your periorbital skin (the area under your eyes). You may want to select a concealed that is not only natural, but also absorbs quickly into the skin.
  • It’s finally time to apply the powder! Good mineral powder choices those which have the ability to pull off excessive oil from the skin while nourishing it in the form of amino acid proteins.

Usage tips

Make sure you select a mineral powder foundation that blends in your skin tone and also choose your brush wisely.Dab some powder on the lid container and sift slowly to encompass the inside part of that lid. This will prevent you from using too much of it, which can spoil any look. You can always add some more of it at a later stage.Next, push the powder brush into the lid again to remove excessive powder and gently apply it on your skin, selecting one portion at a time. You can start off on your nose tip, cheeks, chin and work your way up.

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