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7 Tips for Applying Self Tanning Lotion

A conventionally intelligent person lazily relaxes under the sun or at the beach to get the much hyped tanned body, but a smart person would not be averse to exploring other options like self-tanning to obtain a similar sun-kissed look.

While there is no denying the fact that tanning lends grist and charm to your attire or semi naked body, you don’t really need to sit directly below the sun (although that’s ideal) to get tanned when you can do it all by yourself.

It is little, seemingly puerile things like these that separate smart men from intelligent ones because they dare to do the unthinkable by travelling the least treaded path.

Apart from the fact that sub bathing is a fairly predictable method, it also makes you susceptible to the various skin problems attributed to prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays.

And if you thought skin cancers are only caused by UV rays, you’re highly mistaken. Even tanning beds are said to be a key contributor towards your propensity to cancer.

It is medical problems like these, coupled with the sheer inconvenience of waiting things to happen that are prompting an increasing number of people to explore other feasible solution to attain that shining, darkish brown tan.

Self tanning lotion for sensitive skin

Self Tanning Lotion for Sensitive Skin
Applying Self Tanning Lotion

Times are changing fast and so are the methods used for self- tanning purposes. Unlike the yesteryears when there were only so many ways using which you could tan your body, there a number of innovative methods available these days which include bronzers, sprays, pills, creams and lotions.

Out of all the above mentioned methods, a sunless tanning lotion for face is one of the easiest and most effective ways when it comes to self-tanning. The reasons are simple: Lotions are affordable to buy, smell great, and are incredibly easy to apply.

Furthermore, tanning lotions are also pretty effective in achieving the desired purpose owing to their fast acting chemicals that assimilate quickly into the skin.

Tips for applying self tanning lotion

Here are seven easy steps to apply spray tan without streaks and achieve looks that are otherwise attained only after months of sun bathing:

  • Use different lotions for different skin types: It is a good idea to use different tanning lotions for diverse skin textures because each product reacts differently. For instance, a tanning bed lotion for fair skin wouldn’t quite serve the same purpose for someone who’s dusky.Understand your skin-type well before buying a lotion.
  • Wait before you shave or wax: The second tip is over an underrated one. Shaving/waxing just before topical application of a self-tanning lotion could make your skin very vulnerable to irritation and burning sensation. For achieving the desired results, it is advisable to avoid shaving at least 24 hours before applying the lotion.
  • Exfoliate well in advance: Exfoliating your skin at least one week before you apply the tanning lotion allows your skin to get rid of dead cells. In turn, this allows the tanner to get through the innermost areas of your skin. Make sure you use a full body scrub for at least a few days before lotion application.
  • Moisturize: Exfoliating your rough skin patches without moisturising is not a very good idea because your skin needs proper hydration to be able to derive the real benefits of the lotion. Try to ensure that you’re using a water-induced moisturizer or natural moisturizer as opposed to an oil-based one to ensure proper assimilation.
  • Take some time off: Applying a self-tanning lotion is a time consuming process because you’d not only be applying it, but also wait for an hour or two to dry off. Keeping aside 2-3 hours for completing the process in entirety would help you ensure that you’re following all the necessary steps.
  • Start at the bottom: Rub the tanning lotion first at your feet, moving upwards gently in a circular order to prevent spot and crease formation on your back/stomach triggered by your bending over.
  • Keep checking yourself in the mirror: Keep a handy mirror alongside you to make sure that you have rubbed the lotion adequately and properly on all the important skin area.

In addition to the above tips, there is nothing thing you’d do well to take care of: If possible, use the lightest shade of tanning lotion, regardless of your skin tone so as to prevent looking dark.

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