Hand Care in Summer

7 Remarkable Tips for Hand Care in summer

Do your hands make you wanna look away in disgust? Do you ever find yourself wondering if you could ever do anything to improve their appearance and softness?

If you happen to envy those who not only take good care of their skin care/hair care but also their hands, you’re not alone. Millions of clueless individuals find themselves at crossroads when it comes to hand care mainly because not much importance is placed on this aspect, which by the way, is not a good idea.

Good looking, healthy hands not only make you feel good about you; but also create a great impression on others. Looking at your hands, others would inevitably think that here is someone who genuinely knows how to take good care of their body.

By the same token, rough hands with unpleasant spots can distract others from your chiselled face or well toned body, ruining a great prospect.

Why is hand care important during summer?

Regardless of the temperature, hand care deserves a lot of importance because the skin on the back of our hands doesn’t have the protection too many muscles. This makes them vulnerable to withering and developing sun spots, not to mention wrinkles.

Summer Hand Care
Hand Care in summer

In summer, it is your hands that bear the brunt of all summer activities like biking, cycling, running or mountain climbing. Constant exposure to sun rays is a very real fact unlike winters, when you can quietly slide them in thick and warm gloves.

All these facts indicate that it is extremely important to take care of your hands during summers. Not doing so can make people believe that you’re a few years older than your real age!

Tips for hand care in summer


It is important to get a good. All you need to do is to apply some lotion to your hands and leave it on. Water-based lotions easily get absorbed into your skin, which is why they should be every day.

While any natural moisturizer would do, you may want to go for homemade natural hand moisturizer which soaks even while you’re asleep. Rub the lotion from your fingers’ base into the palm and turn your hand around. Apply the lotion to the back of your hand.

#Sunscreen Lotion

Relentless sun exposure of your hands, legs or any part of the body makes you predisposed to a host of diseases. Even if you don’t, exposing your hands to UV rays can trigger the development of brown or black spots.

This is why you must inculcate the habit of applying hand lotion for extremely dry skin on your face, neck and hands before stepping out of the house.


Another good option; massaging your hands allow smooth circulation of blood and muscle soothing. This makes your hands get all the ingredients that they need. Massaging the fingers also alleviates discomfort and pain around that region. You can choose to massage your palm, fingers or the back of your hands.


Washing your face with a harsh face wash or soap is not only bad for your facial health, but also for your hands. Instead, opt for some cleansing milk and dab it on the face using a cotton swab.

When done, massage your hands with a little bit of scrub to reduce dark spots and roughness.

#Go natural

You can use a plethora of natural substances to protect and nourish your hands. These include coconut oil, honey, olive oil, lemon juice and even cucumber. Put a combination of these on your hands and massage gently for 10 minutes.

#Tomato Juice

It is one of the better Homemade Hand Skin Care Recipes.

Take a tomato, lemon and some milk. Mix them well and massage your hands and arms using the paste. Leave on for about 30 minutes and rinse off with warm water. This works like a dream.

#DIY Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub

It is simple as it gets. Just rub the paste of sugar and lemon on your hands and leave for a few minutes. Rinse using lukewarm water.

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