Makeup Tips for Office Girls

7 Quick Makeup Tips for Office Girls Who Want More From Less

Applying makeup at workplace is nothing short of a tight ropewalk where you’re under constant scanner from your colleagues, subordinates and of course, seniors.

Go easy on the make-up kit and you’re likely to be branded as a laid-back woman who couldn’t care less about her out-of-the-bed appearance.

Sad as it is, this misconstrued notion can adversely impact the way you’re perceived at your office because your peers may squarely judge you on the basis of how you dress up and look.

Then there is the other end of the spectrum wherein some women slam their face with all sorts of makeup, which suggests that they’re attending a late night, all-girl party.

No other tactic could be as successful as this one to get yourself labelled as a ‘thoughtless’ girl who revels in making her insecurities evident. Not really a great idea, if you want to project yourself as a serious professional.

Clearly, neither of these two ploys works because they hinge on the extreme. The key is to assume a professional look that oozes style and sensibility without bordering on the glossy

Not doing anything to your face is as bad as using your official makeup kit every two hours. Always remember, style remains even when fashion fades.

That should be your motto while dressing up for your office.

It’s time for some practical steps on light makeup tips for office to help you attain a stylish look using minimal makeup.

#1. Be and look clean

This basically means that you need to wash your face with a gentle cleanser, scrub, and then moisturize. No exceptions to these three steps, which form the key contributors of any healthy, radiant skin. To that end, select a moisturizer which would fulfil the role of a proper foundation.

#2. Foundation is the key

Office Makeup Tips
Makeup Tips for Office Girls

But don’t just settle for any foundation; look for one which is line with your skin tone a foundation. Don’t apply excessively darker shades because that would showcase your inclination towards using bold makeup at the wrong place. You may not want to do that.

Also, don’t forget to focus on your the eyes and the area near the lips.

#3. Eye-care

Use some eyeliner to lend shape/charm to your eyes. Here, it is important to stay within your eye lines and not deviate. Office appropriate eye makeup requires you to be precise.

If you’re aiming for glossy, large eyes, you may want to reconsider that strategy because your bosses may not approve of it. Always go for light or neutral tones for eye shadow as well as eyeliner.

#4. Mascara

Chances are that you’re raring to do something extra to your lips or eyes and look elegant. Well, you certainly can, and that is where mascara screams out its usefulness. That said, choose safe colors such as black or brown or apply transparent mascara to augment the eyelashes.

Don’t do anything extravagant because that can go awry.

#5.Lip gloss

The idea is to lend a bit of shine and shape, not to look outrageously distracting. As opposed to a lipstick, lip gloss looks real. Also, it is easy to apply multiple times a day. If you want to use lipsticks, select gentle lipstick shades for office.

#6. Blush

You don’t want to appear plain and bland, as if you are just out of a mourning phase. That doesn’t do any good to your personal reputation nor does it help your skin.

Hence, you can consider using some blush on your cheeks to make them look shinier and well formed. Blend properly and equally on both the cheeks to get that much-cherished consistency.

#7. Go for light nail paints

Applying lighter nail paint shades is a good idea to look smart and pretty while retaining professionalism. Evade dark colors because they look strangely different and are not too subtle.

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