Ways to Remove Waterproof Makeup

6 Ways to Remove Waterproof Makeup

A lot of women are lovers and admirers of waterproof mascara and lip stain, but that long-lasting makeup can cause a serious amount of strain and stress to your often tired face.

It can be tempting to use harsh exfoliates or washcloths to remove waterproof makeup, but when cleaning your face from traces of your day’s makeup, the gentler works best.

Best Way to Remove Waterproof Makeup

Here are some of the important products that help you remove waterproof makeup safely and effectively. You may also want to get a gentle facial cleanser that removes makeup.

#Petroleum Jelly

One of the best products you’ll ever come across, petroleum jelly is essential to your beauty routine because it much more than a moisturizer and helps to get extremely soft lips naturally.

Apply just a bit of your petroleum jelly brand of choice to your lips or eyelids and let it sit for little minutes. Then clean with a warm washcloth or cotton balls and wipe.

#Olive Oil

Putting olive oil on your eyelashes every night before going to bed can actually make them grow. Although this theory can be debatable, the fact remains that olive oil is capable of treating waterproof properties of the mascara. The oil can also let you clean the traces in just 2-3 swipes.

Apply some olive oil to your fingers and rub your lashes between your index finger and the thumb until they are drenched in the oil. Very soon, the mascara will start coming off on your fingers!

#Cold Cream

Yes our grandmothers have been using the erstwhile cold cream to remove makeup for a very long time indeed and it is not hard to fathom why.

How to use cold cream to remove makeup

Remove Waterproof Makeup
Remove Waterproof Makeup

Applying a small coat of cold cream and allow to it work the magic. That said, you may need to wash your face before applying the cream as a deep conditioning treatment to take off the seemingly incorrigible makeup.

Same as the petroleum jelly, let the cold cream soak into the skin for a few minutes before you wipe clean with a warm washcloth (baby washcloths are better). They will help your face to be free of makeup and be moisturized as well.


There are a lot of recipes for eye makeup remover which are too good to be true. One of such remedies is your much-loved avocado oil.  You are more than likely to find some of them sitting idle in your kitchen cupboard.

Just take a q-tip and swab the avocado around. It is one of the best makeup remover wipes for mascara. Thankfully, one does not need to get apply quantities of avocado; merely coating it in the oil would do a good job for you.

#Hair Conditioner

Don’t fret yet, it is a feasible alternate to homemade makeup remover baby oil. Hair conditioner is a pretty underrated waterproof makeup remover. You already have it in your bathroom for sure (you have it, right?) so go ahead and put your faith in it.

Dab some quantity on your face and see the difference it makes in a short span of time.


Before you think very hard on what it really is, do relax! They are just vegetables for skin and vegetable oil and helps your skin remain soft.  When your makeup remover runs out, run to your kitchen to find respite in your interim eye remover.

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