Hair Care For Humid Weather

6 Hair Care Tips for Humid Weather You Should Not Miss

Wet hair may look good but can cause major problems for you. These problems are very common during the rains when dirty rainwater and humidity can have a negative effect on your hair. To avoid ruining your hair during the rains, try some of these hair care tips for humid weather:

1.  Don’t let your hair get wet:

Keep your hair dry for as long as you can because dry hair prevents any dandruff or hair loss.

2. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo:

You might develop an oily scalp, apart from having dandruff and hair loss. Hence, wash your hair every few days using a mild shampoo. It’s necessary that you wash your oily hair every day because in this season your hair is prone to becoming limp. Shampooing alone can bring your hair the necessary volume. If your hair gets wet every day, shampoo it each day with best shampoo for humid weather.

3. Condition your hair regularly:

Due to high humidity levels in the air, it’s possible that your hair is dry, coarse and frizzy. By conditioning it regularly, you can make natural hair in humid weather, soft and manageable.

Such regular hair care at home with best hair products for humid weather can keep your hair looking just as great as it does in the other seasons of the year. For instance, you can wear your hair in a few slick yet practical styles, such as a smart up-do. You could have your hair in a ponytail after using a little gel to keep it in place without frizzing.

Don’t use hair spray on rainy days, instead use mousse. This will continue to give your hair the volume it has.

Don’t keep your hair wet as this can lead to dandruff.

Towel dry your wet hair, don’t brush it harshly or it will break.

If your hair does get wet in the rain, wash it off in your bath as soon as you can as the rain comes down with a lot of chemicals that can damage your hair. You can practice how to care hair in rainy season with these tried and tested solutions.

4. Rainy day natural hair styles:

As mentioned above, the most practical hair style on a rainy day is the updo or a ponytail. Of course, cover your head with an umbrella or a cap. Other rainy day natural hair styles include tying your hair up in a bun, plait it, or dress your hair in finger coils. You can also leave your hair loose or pull all your hair to one side and gather it to make a braid.

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5. Wearing rain hair extensions:

If you’re keen to wear rain hair extensions, it can be a bit of a challenge as the extensions can get frizzy. To take the frizz out of your extensions, use a mild shampoo to wash it and apply conditioner to it. Next, use anti-frizz serum on your hair extensions to smoothen and straighten them. Detangle them and comb them for a smooth look.

6. How to protect your hair in the rain:

Often, you’ll find that umbrellas are most ineffective. At such times, it’s best to use a mackintosh. Cover your head with the matching hood so that your hair isn’t affected. You can also use a clear, dome-shaped umbrella to protect you from the rain.

Now that you know how to protect hair from rain, you’re ready for the humid climate and monsoons.

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