Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally

6 Fast Ways to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally

In many parts of the world (especially western countries), light colored eyes such as blue, green, and hazel are perceived as symbols of elusive beauty and charm that are confined to a privileged few. While this perception changes as we move towards eastern countries, almost everyone agrees on the fact that lighter eyes radiate an ethereal charm that is inevitably arresting. Do you often find yourself feeling envious towards those who are blessed with an augmented visage, thanks to their lighter eye shades? If yes, here’s some great news for you. You can actually lighten your eyes naturally and subtly, without having to using too contacts. Sounds too good to be true? Read on further to know how to change your eye color without contacts or surgery.

Ways to Naturally Lighten Eye Color

1. Alter your diet Certain foods like eggs, beef, turkey and chocolate facilitate the production of serotonin, which subsequently forces your pupils to expand which in turn makes your irises narrower. The end result is a deep, darkened eye color which manifests over a period of time.Therefore, avoiding such foods can help you prevent this onset in a seamless manner. Just ensure that the serotonin levels are not diminished to such a drastic extent that they begin to impact your psychological and emotional health. Instead, embrace foods that lighten your eye color and also include best vegetables for skin care.

2. Brain train

A useful but lesser known way to lighten your eyes naturally is to train your brain to avoid thinking about negative patterns, doubts, or even puzzles. This will reduce norepenephrine levels in your body, thereby preventing your eyes from becoming darker.

3.Herbs to Lighten Eye Color

There are many herbs such as Chamoline, Licorice and Uva-Ursi which help lighten your eyes naturally and indirectly by cleansing your colon. Believe it or not, getting your body cleansed and detoxified can go a long way in making your eyes look brighter and lighter. These natural eye brighteners can be applied on their own or can be consumed orally in the form of tea, capsules and pastes.

4. Lighting up the eyes

Simplistic as it may sound to how to lighten your eyes color naturally , merely exposing your eyes to natural light sources on a regular basis could eventually cause your irises to lighten up considerably. While this might not be a permanent method, it can certainly make your eyes beautifully bright, especially if they are amber, green or hazel.

5. Redoing your eye-makeup

If you wish your eyes to look gloriously light temporarily, then do this: Accentuate your natural eye pigments using light shaded eye shadows and mascaras on eyelashes. Again, a natural method that rarely goes wrong. That being said, try to refrains from overdoing the eye shadowing bit lest your plans become glaringly obvious.

6. Eye color lightening with age

This is as natural as it gets, seriously; the best part is that you don’t even have to put in any efforts with this method. Yes, you heard it right. Your eyes tend to get lighter and brighter as you grow older although that itself doesn’t guarantee great eyesight. So just keep observing the color of your eye with each passing year and one day you’ll probably see the difference in the mirror.

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