Nail Polish Colors for Teenagers

5 Pertinent Nail Polish Colors for Teenagers

Imagine this: You find yourself staring at a lip smacking (no pun intended) collection of exotic nail polish hues that make you wanna go down on your knees. However, you remain absolutely clueless in spite of being aware of all the newest nail polish trends.

While scanning through all available columns and rows of options, you finally zero in on a shade but say to yourself, ‘Oh, this is not going to work as it’s not yet summer’.

And just when you’re able to lay your hands on the coveted winter/spring hues, your brain mischievously rebukes you that you need to grow up and select a more mature color. How about black? No, not really. Would baby pink be fine? No, not again!

Well, here’s the thing. If you’re going to base your nail polish selection after DIY gel french manicure, on the basis of existing or preceding or forthcoming seasons, you’re never going to be able to make a decision that makes you happy.

Nail polish colors for teenagers

Think of it logically, why should you not select colors that work brilliantly for fall as well as summer? Now the next sequential question would be, can you? You bet! Here is a rundown of five interesting colors that are season-neutral and are perfect for teens.

  • Light Pink

Yes, we concede that it’s a ubiquitous choice, but so what? Pink polish radiates feminine grace like no other color, which is why it is the number one choice in most salons internationally.

An idea selection for fall, spring or summer, this is one color that is an absolute must-have in your makeup kit also because it accentuate your sun bathed skin gloriously.

  • Dark tones

If you’ve ever heard that dark shades are earmarked only for winters, you should definitely consider changing your fashion advisers. Dark is always faithful and these colors would serve you well throughout the fall, winter and even summers. Keep fingernail polish ideas at bay and take refuge in the darkness.

When it comes to dark nail polishes, choices abound aplenty that complement cute nail designs for teenage girls: Bold blue, pitch black, or darkish purple are some choices you can look at. If you’re planning on buying a darker shade, do cut your nails short because dark colors look good on trimmed nails.

  • Reliable ‘Blues’
Nail Polish Colors
Nail Polish Colors

It is hard to get past a royal blue nail polish if you’re searching for a glossy nail polish for teenagers. You can combine it with red, black or white to lend exciting grist. Or if it’s the summer season that you’re worried about, rock it with some mustard yellow color to create an impact that will stun everyone around you.

  • Neutral

Sick and tired of using the same predictably vivacious colors throughout the year? Go neutral! Neutral hues eliminate the very problem of color selection because they are after all, skin tone neutral. It is a discreet choice that is indicative of your seriousness about selecting your colors thoughtfully.

Among color options, any sandy or lightish brown would do just fine for any teen who wants to portray a serious, professional image.

  • Mood changing nail polish

It is a scientifically proven fact that colors can impact your moods positively or negatively. Good for you, and go ahead and select a color that you simply adore or catapults your feel-good neurotransmitters. Don’t think too hard before making a choice and go with your instincts. Even an effervescently bright color like orange or turquoise would be fine.

Two important factors

Consider your skin tone carefully before buying a nail polish because no mismatch should happen between the two. In addition, make sure that the nail polish color looks exactly the same on your nails as it does inside the bottle. Very often, that does not happen, leaving you feel cheated and insecure.

Make no compromises on these two points and you’ll be proud of your choices for a very long time.

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