Anti Aging Tips for Acne Prone Skin

5 Killer Anti Aging Tips for Acne Prone Skin

If you find that most of your acne products are either too expensive or utterly useless or both, understand that you’re not alone. Millions of teenagers struggle to come to terms with the fact that they are acne prone, and end up trying too hard to implement all kinds of anti aging tips for acne prone skin teenagers to no avail.

As a result, they get frustrated with just about every acne/anti-aging product available in the market which makes them look ugly, depressed, and disoriented.

If you’ve reached a point where you’ve almost given up your much-cherished dream of achieving a youthful, lustrous and acne-free skin, then it’s perhaps time to revisit your existing approach and devise a fresh strategy to combat your skin woes.

Firstly, understand that getting rid of acne and those glaringly obvious anti-aging signs is very much a possibility! Secondly, start educating yourself about the kind of acne eliminating products and techniques that actually work and are suitable for your skin type. You can implement the following tips for anti-aging skin care for young adults to ensure that incessant skin breakouts are a thing of the past.

Anti-Aging Skin Care for Young Adults

1. Evaluate your existing skincare routine

Acne Prone Skin Anti Aging
Anti Aging Acne

According to Annet King, Director of Training and Development for The International Dermal Institute, the first thing you need to do is to take a hard look at your existing routine, regardless of how many ‘acne solutions’ you may have tried in the past. These may have included even the best anti aging serum for oily skin and homemade acne cleansers for oily skin.

She adds that every young woman must understand their skin type very well and subsequently split her skincare routine in such a manner that it nearly 70% of it tackles acne while the remaining 30% is directed at addressing anti-aging. As you get older, the process gets reversed.

2. Start off early

It is important to commence an acne-fighting routine early in your life. Use a cleanser which contains bio-active anti-aging cream ingredients such as AyurMedic Salicylic Wash or Olay Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin, Immediately follow it up with the best anti aging moisturizer for acne prone skin such as Kiehl’s Sodium PCA Oil-Free Moisturizer. If you happen to be on the wrong side of 40, stick to salicylic-based anti-aging products only.

3. Focus on your eyes and lips

Yes, these are the areas which show off your first signs of aging and hence, need extra care. A good way to take care of your lips is by using a petroleum-based product available on most drug stores.  With regard to minimizing wrinkles and dark circles around your eyes, you may want to use an eye cream that has humectants such as Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel.

If you observe acne on specific body parts, apply a clay-based mask on those parts alone.

4. Stay hydrated

Your skin needs to be rejuvenated when it becomes dry and acne prone and you do that by feeding it with water (as opposed to oils. This is why drinking lots of water helps with your acne indirectly by hydrating your inner skin. It is also important to use a moisturizer simultaneously to create a barrier on the skin surface to minimize moisture loss.

5. De-stress

If you’ve been using all kinds of organic serums, moisturizers, aromatherapy body spray, wrinkle cream, and silicone-based natural products but are still struggling with signs of acne and aging, then chances are that you need to bring down your stress levels which have a direct bearing on your skin health.

Stress-induced skin breakouts are rather vituperative and difficult to treat using conventional products, which is why you must take holistic measures (meditation, breathing exercises, cutting down on smoking, etc). According to plastic surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher, your skin may respond miraculously to the steps you take to minimize stress.

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