Hair Fall Home Remedies

23 Natural Hair Fall Home Remedies You Should Not Ignore

Hair is also the one of the component which is a part of the impression.

Obviously thick hair emerges a lot contribution to focus at your looks. There are numerous people who gets suffers from the most well-known difficulty that is none other but from the damn hair fall.

Though a person would be men or women but, everyone dreams of a strong, healthy and dark hair. Almost all women have a craze of the long hair. The care of the hair should be taken at the period of the childhood only. From the childhood the hair should be proper oiled and washed so that at the middle of the age the person should not suffer the complicity of the hair fall.

Your hair is the results for your health. Your health only defines how healthy or how weak you are. The thickness of the hair results you with the healthiness and the weakness of the hair results you with the imbalanced diet. Our eatable plays a vital role for the growth of the hair.

Impurity of the food can make you face with the heavy hair loss. Still many doctors and scientist are inventing cosmetics to get free from the hair loss problem but, the ever safety remedies are hair loss home remedies which is safer also and also it is convenient to form.

As we all knows this concept that the medicines, products, liquids, gels directed by the doctor are completely cover-up by the side effects. These side effects contribute a lot to get our hair damage and loss.

Causes of Hair Fall Are:

These followings are the several factors for the hair loss:

  • Ecological effects
  • Aging
  • Too much anxiety
  • Extreme smoking
  • Dietetic deficiencies
  • Hormonal disproportion
  • Hereditary dynamics
  • Scalp contagious
  • Use of erroneous or chemically augmented hair products
  • Convinced drugs and medicinal circumstances like thyroid disarray, autoimmune diseases, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), iron-deficiency anemia, and unrelieved infirmity etc.

Natural Hair Fall Home Remedies

Following natural remedies for losing hair is so easier because all the ingredients are formed from the home itself.


Aloe vera is most effective medicinal remedy for the growth of the hair.

Aloe vera is well known from the ancient times as it is considered as medicinal herbs. Aloe vera is also advantageous for the removal of the dandruff and also to get rid of the dark circles of the face.

Aloe vera is also beneficial to balance our PH level of the hair. Aloe vera pulp can be formed by extracting the aloe plant. Aloe vera is well known for its best results as it is consisted of 75 nutrients.

You can follow hair fall control tips below steps to get a aloe vera home remedy:

  • Break the aloe vera plant into pieces.
  • Grind the plant and make paste of it.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.
  • Make a combination of all these ingredients.
  • Get a combination and mix it with your regular shampoo.
  • Apply slowly at the tip of your hair.
  • Leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse it with the conditioner.


Coconut oil is the fastest oil ever for the quick growth of the hair. Coconut is the richest factor which enriches with the lot of fats.

Coconut oil is formed from the coconut only which is purely natural and neglects all the side effects. Coconut milk is rich in potassium, another vital ingredient for hair growth.

It also has antibacterial properties that protect the hair from damage. Coconut oil contains antioxidants which strengthen hair and give it a natural shine. It also has antimicrobial properties that help clash scalp infections and acts as best treatment for damaged hair.

Coconut oil is also healthful for the diet as a vegetable, fruits etc, so include it in routine to stop hair loss.

You need to do to follow coconut milk fluid is:

1) Extract coconut milk from the coconut.
2) After removing the milk from the coconut make sure that the milk is extracted through a clean cloth.
3) Make a use of the dye brush to prepare the coconut milk on your hair.
4) After obtaining the coconut milk at your hair cover your hair with a clean towel.
5) Let the coconut milk remained till 20 minutes.
6) Now, rinse it with the cold water.

In the morning, before bath you can follow this process once every week.

Coconut milk should be washed within a day otherwise you will get suffers from the environmental external dust and dirt’s.

3. Indian gooseberry:

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry or it can be also known as AMLA which is very much resulting for the natural and fast hair growth.

Indian gooseberry deducts all the weakness of the hair and replaces damage hair with the strong hair. The anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and the exfoliating properties present in Indian gooseberry can help maintain a healthy scalp and promote hair growth.

Amla is rich in vitamin C, a nutrient essential for the growth and strengthening of hair (6). Vitamin C also helps build collagen, which is vital for hair growth. Apart from this, vitamin C also helps absorb iron, thereby keeping your locks strong and healthy.

To prepare a solution of the Indian gooseberry follow the following steps:

1) Kindly firstly boil the dried gooseberries.
2) While boil get a coconut oil to boil and wait till it gets black.
3) Wait till the oil gets cool down.
4) Now, massage your scalp perfectly.
5) Let the massage remain till 30 minutes.
6) Wash your hair with your daily shampoo or a conditioner.
Practice these above remedies at every morning before taking bath and surely you will get the better results.


Onion has an ability to help the growth of the hair as it is consisted of the source like sulphur. Combination of the coconut oil with the onion juice is well and good.

Onion juice can be extracted easily by the way of crushing onion in the grinder. Onion has antiseptic properties, which can eradicate the microorganisms that can cause scalp infections.

It also has a elevated sulfur content, which improves the blood circulation to the hair follicles and encourages hair escalation. Sulfur is also known to treat infected hair follicles.

Be cautious while applying the juice to your hair. If the juice gets into your eyes, scrupulously wash them accurate away with frozen water. Though not dangerous to your eyes, onion fluid can cause a smoldering consciousness and excessive anxiety.


Fenugreek is very much advantageous for the growth of the hair as it contains proteins and nicotinic acids. Fenugreek can also be applied to hair to prevent hair loss.

fenugreek for hair loss

It also softens the strands and provides luster to them. Make a fine paste of dried fenugreek seeds and apply it as a hair mask.

To get rid from the hair losses make a solution of the fenugreek:

1) Get a one bowl of the fenugreek.
2) Soak that fenugreek seed in the bowl from the night in the cup.
3) Next day crush the seeds and make it into paste.
4) Make sure that your paste should not be thicker or thinner.
5) Apply this past all over your hair that is all around through your scalp.
6) After applying the paste right from the root of the hair then just cover it with a shower cap.
7) Let the solution remains till 30 minutes.
8) Now, rinse your hair with the cold hair.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar and Sage Tea:

Dousing hair with a fusion of apple cider vinegar and sage tea is yet again an obliging medication.

Apple cider vinegar helps in maintaining the steadiness of hair, thereby plummeting hair loss.


Follow the below suggestions:

  • Take 2 bags of green tea and brew them into one cup of water
  • Allow it to cool.
  • Then , apply it on your hair
  • Wash off after 1 hour.


licorice root

Licorice root has an ability of replace the disturbed part with the improved portion. Follow these above remedies at least twice in a week before getting bath.

Steps to get cure from the hair fall:

  • Get a licorice root.
  • Add one tablespoon of the milk.
  • Add one tablespoon of the saffron.
  • Make a combination of all the contents.
  • Now, apply at your scalps.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes.
  • Soak it with the cool water.


Potatoes contain potassium, vitamin C, and iron, all of which are imperative for maintaining hair physical condition. It has also been originate that an insufficiency of potassium could guide to hair loss.

Follow these above tips of the potatoes:

  • One teaspoon of the honey.
  • One teaspoon of the water.
  • One potato. The potato should be boiled down thoroughly.
  • Have a mixture of all the ingredients.
  • Apply it on your tips of the hair.
  • Keep it the solution till 30 minutes.
  • Soak it with the mild shampoo.


Beetroot juice consists of all type of vitamins, potassium, calcium, carbohydrates etc like nutrients are involved which greatly promotes the growth of the hair.


You should also consume beetroot juice in your diet which is very much hygienic and essential for the growth of your hair.

Prepare a beetroot juice to stop the fall of your hair:

  • Firstly, boil the beetroot in the pressure cooker.
  • After boiling it smash the beetroot.
  • Apply the smashed paste with coconut oil.
  • Massage peacefully from the tip of the hair.
  • Let the massage remain undisturbed till 20 minutes.
  • Soak it with the warm water.


To massage your hair from the scalp is very much important as it nourishes our hair successfully. Proper hair scalp massage with the help of the oil is well and necessary as it results you in the increment in the flow of the blood, shiny, smooth and dark hair.

Have the utilization of the conditioner from the scalp; ensure that your hair is getting a probable nutrition from the root of the hair itself.

There are list of the hair oils and essential oil recipes for hair growth which strengthens your scalp are coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, castor oil, lemon oil etc.

  • You can also make a use of the rosemary oil at your hair to get best results from it.Regular massage of hair and scalp with lukewarm oil stimulates the blood flow.
  • Coconut oil is considered the best among other oils. Some other recommended oils are olive, jojoba, mustard, castor and almond.
  • Kindly keep it this in the mind that while massaging your scalp of the hair you are utilizing your soft finger to get your hair nourishes with the help of the hair oil.


Safflower is the flower who disposes all the dirt and dust of the hair and polishes the scalp of the hair gently. Keep on massaging the safflower oil till 20 minutes.

Have a look within a month. Just move on practicing the oil 2 days in a week.


Coriander juice

Coriander juice is one of the most effective among hair growth remedies which promotes a soft hair as well as it proceeds into avoidance of the rough hair.

Follow the below tips:

  • Get 1 tablespoon of water.
  • 1 tablespoon of the honey.
  • 2-3 pieces of the coriander plant.
  • Mix up all the combination and form a proper paste.
  • Apply at your hair and cover it with the shower cap.
  • Let the solution remains till 30 minutes.
  • Soak it with the shampoo or with the regular conditioner.

14. Pigeon Pea or Red Gram:

Relevance of superior and substantial paste of red gram or pigeon pea is an efficient way of curative hair loss, physically. If you want to grow hair longer and faster, combine them and apply.


Lemon juice is the only home remedy that can get rid of the oil hair. Oily hair can be get rid easily by applying lemon juice as it is consisted of the antioxidants, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acids etc.

Lemon juice is so powerful that it fights with all your dust and dandruff. It not only makes clean scalps but also it is useful for the purpose of the stimulation the blood circulation.

Follow the below give guidelines:

  • Get one tablespoon of the lemon juice.
  • Get two tablespoons of the coconut or olive oil, whichever you feel comfortable.
  • Make a mixture of all the combinations simultaneously.
  • Apply probably on your scalp of the hair.
  • Wait for one hour.
  • Soak the lemon juice with the mild shampoo as usual.

16. Lime and Black Pepper Seeds:

Seeds of emerald and black pepper, when argument delicately and functional on the scalp, demonstrate to be a very excellent cure for prevention hair loss.


Castor oil is the real genetic oil which is advantageous and important among stop losing hair home remedies and used to nourish the hair from its root itself.

Castor oil is proved as beneficial for the stoppage of the hair as it is consisted of the vitamin E, amino acid etc.

Castor oil is known for its advantages as it is the best oil compare to coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil.

Tips to get rid of the hair fall:

  • Apply slowly castor oil on your hair according to your hair.
  • Now, massage your head with the castor oil from its scalp.
  • Go on massaging till 10 minutes.
  • Leave the castor oil till one hour.
  • Now, wash your hair with the mild shampoo.
  • Keep on practicing massage at least one in a week.


Natural home remedies for hair growth are curtailed without the enclosure of curry foliage into it. Curry leaves are extensively used in Indian gastronomy for tampering the dishes, but it is also one of the most valuable herbs for grey hair that also relieves in promoting hair growth.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves for hair growth work well, not just by applying its paste to the hair, but also by eating it. Whenever you heat something with curry leaves in it, eat up the leaves!

As for coconut oil, its reimbursement for hair physical condition needs no new preamble. It is by far the best remedy for hair hammering and promoting hair growth.

The greasy acids in coconut oil truss with the hair proteins and defend the hair filaments from root to tip and prevent fracture.

It seals the moisture in hair by penetrating through the hair shaft and provides fortification against contamination and heat.


  • Take half cup of coconut oil (depending on the length of your hair).
  • Add 7 to 8 fresh curry leaves to it and boil it together. Don’t burn the leaves; just bring them to a boil.
  • You will find black residue forming; apply this residue to your hair.
  • Use this twice a week to see the difference.
  • The mixture will help in hair growth and also fight grey hair.


Rosemary oil is the excellent solution to get rid of hair fall. Rosemary oil is found especially at the Middle Eastern countries.

Rosemary oil is considered as herbs and it is true that it reassures from the tips of the hair.

Follow the below guidelines of the rosemary oil:

  • Two tablespoon of the rosemary oil.
  • Two tablespoon of the shampoo.
  • Mix also one teaspoon of the olive oil.
  • Make a combination of all the ingredients.
  • Apply it on your scalp of the hair.
  • Rinse it within one hour.


Eggs are the rich content of the proteins as it also include vitamin B. Eggs are a rich source of sulphur, iron, protein, phosphorus, iodine and zinc.

Egg White for Hair

It is an excellent remedy for re-growth of hair, especially when combined with olive oil. Application of the egg with the honey is also results a lot.

Below guidelines will surely get rid of the hair fall:

  • Kindly separate the yolks from the egg white.
  • Mix the quantity of the eggs according to the portion of your hair.
  • Move on dissolving it till the eggs get thicker and thicker.
  • Cover your head with the shower cap.
  • Let the solution takes place till 20 minutes.
  • Rinse your head with cold and mild shampoo.


Chinese hibiscus contains the properties of the C vitamins which promotes smooth and silky hair.

The important role played by the hibiscus flower is that it eliminates all the toxic substances and promotes full nutrition as well as it helps to circulate the blood of the hair.

Tips to get rid of the hair fall:

  • Crush the flower into the bowl.
  • Mix coconut oil with the hibiscus flower.
  • Mix both the ingredients with each other and heat the mixture.
  • After heating the oil, apply it on your hair.
  • Soak it at next morning.


Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt acts as a natural conditioner for hair. It contains vitamin B5 and proteins that are extremely beneficial for hair.

Greek yogurt contains antibacterial properties that protect hair from damages.

Follow this procedure before bath in your hair care routine. Ideally use this pack once a week. If you have dry hair, then use the pack twice a week:

  • Take the two tablespoons of Greek yogurt in a bowl.
  • To this, add honey and the lemon juice extracted from the lemon.
  • Mix the ingredients thoroughly and make a paste.
  • Using a hair dye brush, apply this pack to the scalp and hair roots.
  • Leave it undisturbed for about 30 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

23. Homemade Hair Packs:

Homemade hair packs are quite easy to form as all the ingredients that are combined to form the hair packs are made at home only.

Hair Remedies for Damaged Hair

All the ingredients that are involved are also less time consuming as well as it is not a costlier one.

To prepare a homemade hair packs just follow the below given headlines:

  • Make a combination of aloe vera, shikakai, amla, and neem powder can be applied to get thick and lustrous hair.
  • Paste of henna, egg whites and curd together stops hair fall.
  • Hair pack, prepared by mixing together olive oil, honey, and cinnamon, is also an effective hair growth pack.

For many years, people in the world have searched and tried different types of home remedies for hair growth. However, each of the hair strands has a life cycle with different stages in it.

This happens due to hormonal imbalances, excessive stress and an imbalanced diet.

Anyone with long and thick hair is seen as healthy and strong. Your hair defines how healthy your mind and body are.

And the best way to maintain the health of your hair is by using natural hair remedies for hair loss and nourishing them with henna hair recipes.

So, make these hair fall home remedies on your list. Go for it!!!

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