2016 In Beauty – Trends, New Ideas and Major Flops

As we welcome 2017 with a new hope in our hearts, we bid adieu to the year gone by. 2016 has been quite an eventful year in the field of beauty. This was the year of playing with wigs, stiletto nails, and glitter, and so on.

From the ramp to Hollywood to local stores, these trends have been ruling the beauty scene of the last year. Here are some of the top trends, new ideas, and major flops in beauty trend in the year 2016.

#1.Hair Coloring Trend

Coloring your hair and changing the look has always been among the favorites of the beauty trends, but in 2016, we saw some really cool and some really weird hair colors that we should let go! From galaxy hair and watermelon hair to Rose Gold iPhone hair, coloring our hair did really got out of hand!

#2. Facial Cleanser

Another new trend that emerged in 2016 was mechanical facial cleansers. We all know the struggle of getting rid of those nasty blackheads and what scares they can leave behind. But, 2016 was a year to rejoice the power of technology! Little gadgets for facial cleansing were introduced that help with skin exfoliation and remove dead skin cells with a quick swipe.

#3. Faux Freckle

Here to another weird and crazy beauty trend of 2016 that we don’t need in 2017 – faux freckles! Embrace your natural freckles, but avoid applying the fake ones on your face and powdering them to make it look normal! They just look weird, but maybe 2016 was a year where weird things happened!

#4. Tattooed Eyebrows

Tattooing eyebrows, as in real tattoos, not the microblading trend, is great for older women, who have lost their hair naturally. But, young girls with tattooed eyebrows from Korean products is just a big a “No Thank You” for 2017.  Invest in some great eyebrow cosmetics and enjoy natural-looking brows with ease.

#5. The Year of LOB Haircuts

2016 gave us a haircut that worked for everyone! From J-Law, Kate Middleton, Emily Blunt, to Rachel McAdams, celebrities experimented with this haircut and made us believe in its magical powers.

#6. Candy Apple

Red lipstick will always remain a classic for every woman, but in 2016, makeup artists made Snow White apple red color come alive. From satin finish to patent lacquer and matte, apple red lipstick shade is a beauty trend we would love to continue in 2017.

Red lipstick

#7. Say Yes for Bronze!

2016 gave us the idea of blending brown cream with bronzer and highlighter, to create a naturally tan sheen within seconds. Yes, now you can get that perfect matte finish for your face by following what every major makeup artist did this year! From Balmain to Tommy Hilfiger, every major fashion brand had their models highlighted with the bronze effect!

#8. Too Many Glitters

Another trend that ruled the year 2016 is the use of glitter or its overuse! Glitters are generally used to highlight a particular area of your face or neckline, but we got a little overboard with the trend this year. From men sporting a beard filled with glitter to sparkly lips, armpits, and nails, our glitter obsession got out of hand!

#9. Mesmerizing Nail Art

Decorating your nails with different colors, designs, and themes were one of the biggest beauty trends of 2016. And, we were excited to see artists experiment with nail art and produce some spectacular results like a mirror, 3D charm, coffin, oval, and many other nail arts.

But, it didn’t take long for over-enthusiastic nail artists to introduce some not-so-great trends like pompom nails, succulent nail art, furry nails, and even Swiss cheese nail art. But, we are only going to take the best into 2017!

Nail Art

#10. Natural Hair Trend

Are you one of those who always found braiding your hair as a huge challenge? If so, then do not fret, the year 2016 has come to your rescue. Layered lobs, undone updos, and relaxed ponytails were some of the best trends of 2016, but the natural trend that celebrities like Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington and Solange started were a whole new level. They decided to go natural and attend biggest red carpets with their real curly locks, and “I Don’t Care” attitude. Way to go girls!

2016 was a year where there were many beauty trends that we loved and some that we wish we could take back! We are excited to see what the makeup and beauty experts bring us in the coming year of 2017.

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