How to Curl Black Hair?

Luxurious and straight black hair is common among Asians and Africans, as well as some Westerners. Oftentimes, though, people with straight black hair prefer to take the plunge and get curls in their ebony locks. There are two popular, but temporary techniques to do this.

Method One: Using A Curling Iron

How to Curl Black Hair

What You’ll Need:

  1. Mousse, styling gel or styling spray
  2. Blow dryer
  3. Comb
  4. Hairspray
  5. Curling Iron
  6. Hair clips
  7. Water and shampoo
  8. Moisturizing conditioner
  9. Towel


  1. Wash your black hair properly. Working with clean black hair is better. Use a moisturizing conditioner, to protect your hair from the curling iron heat. Towel dry your hair until it’s slightly damp, but not completely dry.
  2. Apply a mousse, styling gel or spray to your hair. Opt for quality and trusted hair products, so your hair will be taken care of better.
  3. Use hair clips to clip your black hair back in several sections. Release one part then comb it to remove tangles and knots.
  4. If your black hair is very fine, chances are curls won’t hold well. To solve this, use a soft-hold hairspray.
  5. Plug the curling iron into an electric outlet, then allow it to heat for a few minutes.
  6. Start with your hair’s under section. Get a small section, twisting it with your hands. This will give you spiral curls. You can also get larger sections, for looser curls. Work your way to the top, going from one section to another.
  7. Open the curling iron, then insert your hair. Be careful when you do this, so you don’t burn yourself. Close the curling iron barrel, making sure all the ends of the section are enclosed in it completely.
  8. Roll up the iron then hold it there for at least ten seconds.
  9. Open the iron to release the curly black strands. Move to the other sections, until all the areas are curled. When you’re done, shake out the curls and style your hair using your fingers.
  10. For the finishing touch, spray your hair with a light hold hairspray, keeping the curls in place.


Method Two: Using Pins

Curl Hair Using Pins


What You’ll Need:

  1. Bobby pins
  2. Styling spray
  3. Hair Elastics
  4. Water and shampoo
  5. Moisturizing conditioner
  6. Bandanna
  7. Towel
  8. Comb


  1. Wash your hair using shampoo and water. Use moisturizing conditioner, too. Towel dry it until it’s damp and not dripping wet.
  2. Comb your black hair, finding your natural part. Section your hair into three parts, vertically. Use hair elastics to bind them in place. If you have thick black hair, though, you can do more than three sections, for more defined curls.
  3. Begin with the section at the uppermost part. Separate it into squares, beginning at one side, then working to the opposite side of your head.
  4. Starting at one side, take small squares of hair, each one at least less than an inch thick. Twist this first square, until it looks like a dreadlock.
  5. Continue twisting the hair, so it curls naturally to your scalp. Another option is twisting the hair onto itself, so it becomes a circle when it’s at your scalp.
  6. Using bobby pins, secure the twist of black hair, forming an X shape. Insert one pin, then another. Make sure they keep the curl tight.
  7. Keep doing this from one side of the head to the other. As soon as you’re finished with a section, go to the next vertical one and repeat the process.
  8. When all your hair has been twisted, get the bandanna and tie it over your curls. Leave them on overnight, sleeping on them.
  9. In the morning, take away the bandanna and remove the pins carefully. You’ll have tight hair coils. Separate them with your hands and fingers, for spiral hair. Don’t brush or comb.
  10. Style your black hair using your hands, then spray with a finishing product.

Curly black hair looks great. These are temporary ways, but if you want a longer and more permanent solution, consider going to a salon and getting chemical treatment. Make sure they don’t ruin your beautiful black mane, though.