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5 Simple Makeup Tips and Tricks to Get Perfect Look


If I asked you about the main reason behind the makeup, what would be your answer? The reason for applying makeup is definitely to enhance and boost your attractive features of the face instead of hiding them. Applying makeup is an art. A good makeup can increase your beauty while the inappropriate application can spoil …

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Natural Beauty Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Sun Tan

Beauty Trends & Tips

With summer comes the season of wearing strappy attires, your favourite shorts, and gorgeous tank tops. But what comes as an unwanted guest is the tan. Summer season is characterised by quick tanning, which takes an appreciable amount of time to wear-off. Since the sun consists harmful UV rays the skin is easily tanned when …

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body care tips for women

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks with Natural Body Care Tips

Body Care

What happened when you see sudden changes in your body? There are so many problems but, one problem is here which affect both men and women equally. It is Stretch Marks. They are the result of instant changes in the human body. They are caused by weight gain and loss, pregnancy, stress, genetics, bodybuilding and …

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beauty tips for women

Top Beauty Tips for Brides Before Wedding

Beauty Trends & Tips

Wedding is the most important day for bride, groom and their families. Every girl wishes to look beautiful and gorgeous on her happiest day because in this event, she is like a main centre of attraction. Everyone keeps their eyes on the brides dressing styling and make up. We all know that, wedding preparations have …

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Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally

6 Fast Ways to Lighten Your Eye Color Naturally

Beauty Trends & Tips

In many parts of the world (especially western countries), light colored eyes such as blue, green, and hazel are perceived as symbols of elusive beauty and charm that are confined to a privileged few. While this perception changes as we move towards eastern countries, almost everyone agrees on the fact that lighter eyes radiate an …

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Get Extremely Soft Lips

How to Get Extremely Soft Lips?

Beauty Trends & Tips

If you’re young and beautiful, surely you’re wondering how to get soft lips. Lips that aren’t dry or chapped, particularly in the winter, are attractive to everyone, not just men. Fortunately, this isn’t unattainable if you try some tried and tested tricks that give you just the soft kissable lips you’re yearning for. You can …

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Beauty Foods

4 Fruits Used In Beauty Products You’ll Never Believe

Skin Care

We all know how beneficial eating fresh fruit and vegetables is, but not many people know their significance for the beauty industry. From deodorants to eye creams, fruits play a major role in many beauty products’ formulas, enriching them with nourishing ingredients. Each fruit has some properties that are desirable in a beauty product, but …

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I Learned How to Dress for Success – And So Can You!


Clothes make the man ‒this is probably the most accurate sentence ever said. No matter how difficult it may seem to adjust to a shirt, a pair of cigarette pants and high heels, chasing the career of a businesswoman requires a certain dress code you must accept. Going from a casual outfit including jeans, sneakers, …

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body building

Bodybuilding for Dummies


What does it take to become a bodybuilder? A set of weights or a gym membership card and a strong will. Yes, both ways are perfectly legitimate but if you start completely unprepared negative consequences are very likely, from injuries due to improper workout, to disappointing results due to poor nutrition.   Bear in mind …

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